Georgetown report on degree-holders examines relationship between race, gender, earnings

Following on a report released in May quantifying the monetary value of many college degrees, Georgetown’s Center on Education and the Workforce has released a new report detailing how race and gender continue to affect lifetime earnings across various education levels.

The report, titled “The College Payoff: Education, Occupations, Lifetime Earnings,” disturbingly notes that female, Black, and Latino degree-holders continue to earn less than their Whites and men with the same level of educational achievement.

Per the report’s executive summary, “[…] over the course of their lifetime, women who
obtain a Bachelor’s degree make over $650,000 less than men with the same level of education.” The disparity is even greater for women with professional degrees, who make nearly a million dollars less over the course of a lifetime than male counterparts.

The report also breaks down earnings by race, noting that Black and Latino degree holders at all levels earn less than White degree holders “even among the most highly-educated workers.” At the masters-level and above, Asian degree holders make more than all other groups, including Whites.

Check out the full report along with some interesting graphics here.

h/t: Multi American.

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