District Digest: Criminal minds

This week’s digest contains a number of grizzly incidents, including hate crimes and murders. Also, a bank robber terrorizes Arlington and Metro strikes yet another passenger.

Hate crimes

On Wednesday, police announced the arrest of a 19-year-old D.C. man accused of assaulting five lesbians outside the Columbia Heights Metro station. Police Chief Cathy Lanier heard a barrage of complaints earlier this week as the victims accused Metropolitan Police officers of letting the alleged attacker go. Lanier told LGBT activists last week that as many as seven police officers could be fired in the wake of this scandal.

In cold blood

On July 23rd, Dr. Mark Lawrence, a psychiatrist and former University Medical School professor, was brutally shot and killed by colleague and patient Barbara Newman. Newman was suffering from long-term psychological issues following the death of her father.

Yesterday, the D.C. police recovered a body near the confluence of the Potomac and Anacostia Rivers. The body has yet to be officially identified. The time and date of death have not yet been determined.

Metro: Still a font of bad news

On August 1, a Metro train struck a passenger for the eighth time this year. The victim, Victor Robinson, is believed to have suffered an epileptic seizure while standing on the platform. After falling on the track, his right foot was severed and bleeding occurred throughout his brain. As of Wednesday, he is in a stable but critical position and his family remains hopeful for a successful recovery.

The five-finger rebate

An Arlington bank robbery that took place this past Tuesday may be linked to four others that have occurred since June, federal and local officials say. The assailant – a six-foot-tall white man in his fifties with an athletic build – has been targeting branches on Washington Boulevard and Lee Highway. Never completely concealing his face, the man always wears sunglasses and a hat. Twice he has announced his crime a a stick-up, but sometimes he simply gives a note to the teller.

Photo by CarbonNYC

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