Joe Biden goes all the way to China to watch a D.C. basketball team

Vice President Joe Biden has long been a friend of the Hoyas. Who could forget that snowy Saturday in 2010, when he and President Barack Obama joined thousands of cold, reveling students in the stands (well, for them it was the sidelines) to watch us show Duke who’s boss?

Well now, the VP is showing the rest of the student body who’s boss in terms of Hoya dedication. Earlier today, Biden met up with the basketball team on their current trip to China, and watched them play a “friendship match” against the Brave Dragons from Shanxi Province. According to the VPOTUS Pool Reports, this stop was “unplanned,” and that the VP “seemed to crack a few jokes,” took a seat next to University President Jack DeGioia, and then left after the first half. Ouch.

But despite his early departure, Biden certainly did his civic duty to pump up our boys for their game. According to this picture, tweeted by Mahen Gunaratna, Biden stopped in the locker room to give the team a vice presidential pep talk. And apparently it worked, because the Hoyas wound up winning 98-81.

The team members, needless to say, were pretty excited about the chance to hang with our VP. “He’s a real funny & good dude!” tweeted Jabril Trawick.

No word on the next time Biden will pop up in our Georgetown lives, but he does seem to have a habit for doing so, so our guess is it won’t be too long.

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