University announces Dahlgren renovations; stained glass repairs

Dahlgren Chapel will spend much of the next two years in construction as the University works to repair structural damage that has accumulated over the space’s 118-year history, according to an announcement from the Office of Mission and Ministry.

“We have been planning restorations to stabilize the foundation and make other necessary improvements to this sacred space for some time,” wrote Rev. Kevin O’Brien, S.J. and V.P for Facilities and Student Housing Karen Frank in an email to the student body. According to O’Brien and Frank, the restoration was made possible through a gift from alumni.

The repairs will include stabilization and waterproofing to counteract water infiltration and structural settlement, as well as some external renovations. The University plans to refurbish and re-install the chapel’s stained glass windows, including the previously-removed Rose window in the rear of the chapel. In addition, a “decorative fence” will be installed to separate construction from pedestrian traffic on Dahlgren quad.

Aside from some brief weekday closures, the chapel should remain open throughout the renovations.

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