Taiwanese animation company takes on Hoyas brawl

Since news of the Hoyas’ brawl in an exhibition against the Bayi Rockets broke early Thursday morning, the story has spread to all corners of the media, from the New York Times to Deadspin to World News with Diane Sawyer. This afternoon, however, the throwdown in Beijing has finally hit the big time, with Taiwan-based Next Media Animation producing one if its famous cartoon news reports on the incident:

3 Comments on “Taiwanese animation company takes on Hoyas brawl

  1. As usual, the blame falls squarely on the fundamentally inhumane and blood thirsty panda.

    Also, Jason Clark just got his signature move for next season. Brandon Triche has a flying crossbody with his name on it.

  2. Uppercutting the panda was egregious. Sure, it was throwing beer cans and hitting people with folding chairs WWE-style, but still, its an endangered species crying out loud.

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