Prefrosh Preview: You asked, we obliged

As part of its special Prefrosh Preview series, Vox invited Class of 2015 students to ask any burning questions they might have about the upcoming year. We’ve collected all your questions and provided responses to your most frequent queries below.

Do I have to read How to Read the Air and write the response paper?

Let’s just say that Vox does not want to be held responsible for a whole class of freshman skipping out on the Marino Family International Writers’ Academic Workshop.

The standard threat is that if you don’t complete the paper you will get a bad housing lottery number. That said, it seems highly unlikely that Housing would be able to coordinate with other University departments to that degree.

Are there any “hidden” places on campus or in the town that are often overlooked but are great for studying or hanging out?

As far as study spots go, alum Chris Heller’s post from last year provides a good inventory of spaces to crack open a book. I particularly enjoy Hariri (if I can find a room) or the Medical Library.

Otherwise, we really enjoy the observatory and other places mentioned in former Voice Editor-in-Chief Molly Redden’s 4/20 post. Other cool places to check out are the herb garden and experimental urban farm next to the Medical-Dental Building on the medical campus.

What is the best freshman dorm?

Most people will defend their freshman dorm. Between bathrooms in Village C, sinks and space in New South, and clusters and quiet in Harbin, they’re all kind of the same.

The exception is Darnall, whose residents usually have a masochistic obsession with hating their admittedly cramped, squalid conditions. Others will defend Darnall with an insistence bordering on Stockholm syndrome.

Should I buy dorm stuff at home or buy in Washington?

As we said before, it’s probably better to wait and buy in Washington. You probably don’t need as much as you think.

How many meals should I get on my meal plan?

If you like breakfast, get 14 meals. However, speaking as someone who used to like breakfast, the inevitable late-night college schedule will make it difficult to squeeze out 14 meals every week. So, it’s probably better to get 10 meals.

What are the major student organizations?

If you ask any of us, we’ll say that the Voice is the best. But seriously, you can see a list of student organizations here.

Be sure to check out events like O Show and the Welcome Week activities to see if anything piques your interest. Also, the Student Activities Commission will host a club fair on Sunday, September 4 on Copley Lawn.

Work-study is part of my financial aid package. How many hours a week is standard/manageable? Where are the “best” places to work on-campus?

With a full academic schedule, 10 hours is probably the ideal, but most places will allow you to do up to 20 hours. It’s hard to say what the “best” job is, but Vox likes any place that lets you use your laptop, such as the residence hall offices. Check the Student Employment Office for listings.

How exactly does getting placed into your classes work?

The schedule you will receive from your preregistration is the result of a weighted lottery based on your school, year and major. For example, all freshmen SFS students will be placed in a proseminar their first semester.

Don’t freak out if you don’t get a prerequisite for your major/school unless the bulletin says you have to take it this semester. In that case, talk to you dean during the academic orientation over NSO weekend.

You can also place yourself on the wait list for a class you didn’t receive during preregistration. If you’re really dead-set on a course, audit it during the first week of classes and ask the professor to take you off the waitlist. You can continue to shift around your schedule until September 9.

12 Comments on “Prefrosh Preview: You asked, we obliged

  1. I didn’t read our book freshman year, didn’t write the paper, and didn’t go to the workshop. I got Village B my sophomore year and Nevils my Junior year. Rumors are false.

  2. These are crappy answers.

    Major student organizations:
    The Corp
    Relay for Life
    Mask and Bauble
    Groove Theory

    These are by no means all of the organizations, just the ones most likely to come across your radar/come up in conversation/tend to be cliquey.

    Also, buy your dorm stuff on craigslist. Soooo cheap.

  3. Darnall was fine as a dorm. Epicurean adds a lot for those wealthier types without a budget, and leavey is just a quick run away.

  4. i read the book, wrote the paper, went to the workshop, and the author’s lecture. The following morning I opened a box of coco puffs that had not one, but two transformers movie collectors cards inside. So, interpret that as you will, but I strongly suggest full participation.

  5. I read half the book, hated it, and skipped the lecture. But I only got one Transformers movie collectors’ card.

  6. SAC Fair is Sunday, September 4, not Saturday, September 5 as you have posted.

  7. This story is completely true.

    Someone I know submitted a word document which consisted entirely of facebook posts from other students about how much they hated the book. There were no lasting consequences.

  8. -Don’t read the book, write the paper, or show up. I got good apartments my sophomore and junior year
    -Car Barn is underrated. Close to Tombs/Wiseys, has a vending machine, quiet, and wi-fi
    -Darnall may have been far in the past but with Hariri now available to study and Epicurean for drinks whenever, it’s not too bad. Plus Leavey now has Grab n Go. All the others are pretty much a wash.
    -Depends on how close you live. You can find some deals on Craigslist too
    -10 if you don’t eat breakfast. I also never ate at Leo’s over the weekend and would advise you not to. Find out if you’re the type of person to stock up on Grab n Go. That’s when 14 might make sense.
    -Babs pretty much covered the student groups. There’s also club sports.
    -A work study job is a work study job – not going to be terribly exciting. If you’re willing to give up some money, The Corp pays less but it’s social and fun
    -If you can’t get into a class off the waitlist, just show up and talk to a professor. I have never been denied from a class in all 4 years no matter how ridiculous the waiting list was. If you take Sociology classes, Daddio is notorious for having 50+ people on the waitlist and taking them all. Don’t settle for a bad professor if you can’t get in. Just see if you can wait to take it next semester.

  9. philodemic is not a major campus organization and i don’t care how douchey you are. the self-importance felt by is members quickly fades into the bureaucratic anonymity that oh-so-many suit types misinterpret as prestige and power.

    georgetown: the federal government’s middle-management academy.

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