Georgetown ranked #15 for dining, cue resounding “whaaaat?”

With a few notable exceptions, college rankings are usually pretty nice to Georgetown, especially those that rely heavily on nice location and strong academics. But let’s face it, those get a little boring.

So when Newsweek and The Daily Beast recently came out with the 2011 incarnation of their college rankings series, which consists of dozens of lists ranking schools on standards from “Braniacs” to “Horniest,” there were some we all figured we’d make it onto. Number three for “Future Politicians,” number 14 for “International Students” (Editor’s note: Up your game, Harvard), yeah, no surprises there. But wait a second—we’re number 15 in “Best Food“?

Although there are those who think that our school’s singular cafeteria is the epitome of the fine dining experience, and Leo’s has made significant efforts to improve its operation and student satisfaction in recent years, it’s hard to ignore that the whole establishment still leaves a lot to be desired. So why, when compared with schools with multiple, bigger dining halls, wider options, and meals that don’t get students violently ill, do we get the prize for 15th best dining?

The answer, sadly, isn’t the Apple Festival. Rather, it’s in the methodology that Newsweek and Daily Beast use to compile their list, where 25% of the score is based on “restaurants per capita in the surrounding area.” And, as our measly student credit cards know all too well, the Georgetown neighborhood is chock full of restaurants, from the high brow to the iconically greasy, right at the tips of our fingers or the other end of our phone lines. Throw on some Chicken Madness, and, frankly, we’re surprised we weren’t ranked higher. What does Boston College have that we don’t?

Thanks to Patrick Go (MSB ’11) for the tip!

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