What would you ask University President Jack DeGioia?

At the beginning of every academic year, University President Jack DeGioia holds a bi-annual meeting in which he invites campus media to his office to interview him. And for the upcoming meeting for the 2011-2012 year, which takes place the evening of tomorrow, August 31, you’re invited!

Well, sort of. Last year, the Voice grilled DeGioia about the campus plan, college rankings, and his “management style.” But this year, we want some suggestions from our beloved Vox commenters. So in the comments on this post, let us know what questions you think we should ask, and we’ll try our best to make sure the Prez hears them tomorrow night.

Here are the Voice‘s suggestions to get your started:

  • What do you think started the basketball brawl?
  • Given the heightened tension between students, neighbors, and the University since last year, do you have any suggestions for the attitude that students should take up when interacting with the neighbors?
  • How do you think the University’s administration will change once Provost Jim O’Donnell steps down?

Dino Jack cartoon by Chris Heller.

12 Comments on “What would you ask University President Jack DeGioia?

  1. Dr. DeGioia,

    Why do you think the Voice isn’t reporting that two of it’s staff members were among the three people who ran from DPS during the hurricane, climbed into the ceiling of the Voice office in Leavey, traveled into other offices through the ceiling, broke the ceiling in a few offices as they tried to escape, (one) jumped out a window and broke his leg, and were arrested by MPD and charged with destruction of property?

    Thank you.
    The Voice

  2. Ask him about the diversity initiative. What recommendations have truly been implemented and what else do we want to accomplish? Will he convene the groups together again to continue the work?

  3. Ask him if he’s going to be at my fondue party this weekend. He keeps telling me to ask his secretary to schedule it, but she told me he might be attending a conference on improving college administrators’ ability to recognize social cues. I just can’t get a straight answer out of the guy. I really don’t think Spiros and I can down all this cheese by ourselves, but we probably will anyway.

  4. would say it probably has something to do with a conflict of interest but maybe IT’S A CONSPIRACY

  5. What are your thoughts on the Healy Pub?

    Have you met with the individuals who have proposed it?

  6. Ask President DeGioia who is in charge of the diversity initiative and about the low number of latino professors (only two? Ortiz being the only tenured one).
    And how many students does he know from the California Central Valley. Particularly near Hanford (where he is from). I’m from Avenal. 20 minutes away.

  7. 1. As of today, it has been 2,174 days since construction was halted on the Multi-Sport Facility. In all that time, information about progress has been practically non-existent. Can you tell us anything about the project’s current status? Are there plans to include fundraising for its completion in the Capital Campaign?

    2. The old Jesuit Residence has been slowly decaying, locked up and condemned, for many years now. This, despite it occupying a wonderfully central spot on a campus that is fast running out of space. Are there any tangible, feasible, realistic plans to rehabilitate this space? Are there plans to include fundraising for this effort in the Capital Campaign?

    3. The University is actively looking for space off-campus and away from 20007 to locate the Georgetown Public Policy Institute. Are there any additional plans to move University programs off-campus and deeper into the city, away from the areas constrained by the Campus Plan process? What sorts of criteria are used to determine whether or not a program should stay on Main Campus?

    4. There is a consensus among many higher education experts and watchers that we are fast approaching the end of a “higher ed bubble,” fueled – among other things – by easily obtainable student loans, which have driven tuition and other costs of attendance ever higher. What are your thoughts on this notion? If there is a bubble that is about to burst, how is Georgetown positioned to survive it?

    5. You are not a signatory to the Amethyst Initiative. At present count, 136 of your peers are, including President James E. Wright of Dartmouth College, President Richard Brodhead of Duke University, President William Brody of Johns Hopkins University, President Timothy R. Lannon of Saint Joseph’s University (a fellow Jesuit school), and President Lawrence S. Bacow of Tufts University. Are you familiar with the Amethyst Initiative? Could you discuss your thoughts on the topic, keeping in mind that this issue – the abnormally high legal drinking age in the United States vis-a-vis the rest of the world – is perhaps the most omnipresent issue in student affairs and town-gown relations today.

    6. Georgetown has a significantly lower alumni giving rate than its peers. To what would you attribute this?

    7. What are your top three priorities for the coming year?

  8. Do you believe that the current Access to Benefits policy constrains student life?

  9. Can you please explain why the lack of latino professors is a priority? Do you think that it might be shortage in the supply, not demand. Colleges administrators live for racial diversity, and Im sure that given the choice between two otherwise identical resumes, we would choose the latino candidate.

    also, dizzy is my hero.
    also, the answer to #6 is OCAF.

  10. have 1 million dollars to spend on scholarships, capital improvements, professorships and the diversity initiative. What’s the breakdown?

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