College Prepster to Today Show fans: “College is much more than sweaters”

We in the Georgetown blogosphere are all well aware of The College Prepster. Her page is a pink and green explosion of crucial life advice for every Georgetown student, as well as any student at any university who really needs to know which exorbitantly-priced pouch is approved for toting one’s preppy pencils, or likes to know what her (or his!) favorite blogger is wearing that day (Editor’s Note: We tried this on Vox, but too many of our writers like to blog without pants).

But Carly Heitlinger (MSB ’12), the headbanded woman behind the expanding College Prepster brand, is more than just a watermelon-hued website. Last year, she wrote a book, The Freshman 50, chronicling her journey from superstar Florida high-schooler to lonely, depressed college freshman, and back up again to the collegiate guru of all things Lilly Pulitzer. And yesterday, she spread her breadth of knowledge even further, with an advice column for freshmen and their parents on The Today Show‘s website.

The column, which Heitlinger wrote in a blog entry the same day coincides with her capital-letter “Life Goal” to appear on The Today Show, is very much a miniature version of her book, which she describes on the cover as “1 part memoir, 1  part survival guide.” In the story, the College Prepster tells of the misery she suffered when adjusting to the rigor of the Georgetown environment, and how she pulled herself back together (hey wait a minute, this sounds familiar…).

She sums up the lesson she learned in one simple sentence that is sure to become the mantra of any Vineyard Vines-loving student about to embark on the sailboat of higher education: “Unfortunately, college is much more than sweaters and duvet covers … and course descriptions are not always accurate.” Amen.

But after telling the story of the fall and rise of her Georgetown career, Heitlinger gets around to giving some pretty sound—if not terribly original—advice to freshmen and their families. She reminds parents to look for changes in their child’s behavior or calling habits, as these could be signs of serious adjustment problems, and tells students that mismanaging their finances and being “the overly aggressive kid who gets really drunk the first night and makes out with every girl on his floor” are among the biggest collegiate no-nos.

And the best part about the achievement of this one of Heitlinger’s “Life Goals?” It’s not over yet. According to yesterday’s blog post,  The College Prepster “can’t wait for you to see the other surprise coming up on soon!” We’re sure all of Georgetown is shaking in their Sperrys in anticipation.

17 Comments on “College Prepster to Today Show fans: “College is much more than sweaters”

  1. So what connections does this girl have to be on the Today Show? Her blog really is not that famous…

  2. Actually, her blog seems pretty influential. A lot of specific items that she’s been pushing are starting to appear at my Midwestern state school.

  3. Trust me, it may not be mainstream famous, but this girl carries some serious weight.

  4. Are you kidding me? This girl is practically my hero. My friends and I refer to her as CP all the time. As in, “omg did you see what cp put up today?! TO DIE FOR.” Love you Carly, you rock! Can’t wait to see this other surprise!

  5. Comment removed by editor due to inappropriate content

  6. Connections? She doesn’t need them, her writing is fantastic, she gives wonderful advice. She’s the perfect role model. Contrary to how she may be portrayed as a ‘party girl’ in the article, she’actually quite straight edge.

  7. “In the story, the College Prepster tells of the misery she suffered when adjusting to the rigor of the Georgetown environment”

    What rigor? She’s an MSB student who seems to spend her day blogging!

  8. I’m kind of obsessed with her blog, her brand, and her ability to always somehow get everything done. She’s a little bit crazy, but isn’t that true of a lot of driven/intelligent people?

  9. @JIll There’s a difference between starting trends and blogging about them…

  10. The only thing worse than reading the description of this girl are the adoring comments. /wrists.

  11. All I can hear is that sound that the garbage smasher on the Death Star made right before it starts closing in.

    I have a bad feeling about this.

  12. Who goes to Midwestern state school and reads/comments on vox pop?

  13. When you have a lot of followers all over the country, people will support you no matter where something is posted. (Note: I am a GU student)

  14. @ @Jill

    People like me who went to Georgetown undergrad but now go to “midwestern state school” for grad school.
    I’m not Jill.

    And, honestly, at first I didn’t get the CP craze but now I think she’s really onto something solid. I respect what she does, even if it does seem a little too materially driven (but what style blog is not?).

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  16. The only thing that separates this girl from others her age is that she’s self-promoted herself across the internet like a virus. Everything she blogs about is rather ordinary and materialistic. Old news.

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