District Digest: Lee, Lee, go away

This week’s District Digest includes relocating 9/11 memorial events, Tropical Storm Lee, and a Dupont daze.

File:DC Metro - L'enfant Station.jpg9/11 Rememberance Preparations

Yesterday morning at approximately 10:55 a.m., a crane at the National Cathedral fell on its side, sending the operator to the hospital. In addition, four vehicles and two buildings were damaged by the crane’s fall. No one is quite sure why the crane fell, but wind gusts up to 50mph were recorded as a contributing cause. 9/11 remembrance events that were scheduled to take place at the National Cathedral are now being relocated to the Kennedy Center.  Friday and Sunday events at the Center are to consist of a speech by President Obama, performances by Patti Labelle, Denyce Graves, Allan Jackson, and military musical groups. Saturday’s planned concert of local artists will be rescheduled at a later time. Washington Post has shared an updated schedule of events, many of which will be streamed online through Facebook.

Lee, don’t tread on me

This past week, Tropical Storm Lee has been making quite the mark on the D.C. area. Thursday’s storms resulted in flash floods killing two people in Fairfax, the evacuation of homes, and the closing of major highways like I-66 and the Capital Beltway.  Many people were stranded at their workplaces, and the storm has brought a total of a foot of rainfall since Monday. According to weather experts, conditions are only going to become worse.

Dupont Metro troubles

Next time you take the Dupont Metro, you may experience some discomfort when seeing that the 19th Street NW entrance is blocked off. All three escalators there will be ripped out and replaced with new ones, beginning a process that will last for about a year. Every single one of the four manufacturers that has previously installed and made parts for the Metro escalators has dropped out of the business, which makes the replacement somewhat difficult. To increase safety during this process, Metro will be installing a spiral escalator staircase in the 19th Street entrance for emergencies.

Other News

The National Gallery of Art will be displaying 30 rolls of scrolls by a Japanese painter, Ito Jakuchu, next spring. An upcoming draft Senate Bill entitles $56 million to the creation of a Homeland Security Headquarters at St. Elizabeths Hospital location. And when remembering and reflecting on Sunday, everyone is reminded to be safe—a potential al-Qaeda attack has identified by a “credible source” and involves a car-borne bomb.

Photo by Wikimedia Commons

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  1. While a spiral escalator would be *awesome*, I believe it’s a spiral staircase.

  2. “30 rolls of scrolls” just trips off the tongue. Would hate to carry them onto that spiral escalator though.

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