Georgetown ranks #166 in the world, right behind University of Ghent

If you can’t wait for the US News and World Report rankings (see this nifty timer for how long that will be) for your insightful college assessments, here’s a little something to hold you over—QS World Universities has released their list of the top 300 international institutions of higher learning. On the list, Georgetown ranked #166 of all schools, edging out University of Malaya, but falling just short of the University of Ghent. Not only have we fallen 11 spots since last year, but we also came out behind numerous U.S. schools that other rankings place us ahead of, like University of Arizona (#163) and New York University (#44).

Much (40%) of this website’s methodology is based on a so-called online “academic reputation survey” of various university professors and lecturers, which took in nearly 34,000 responses. Meanwhile, numbers like the proportion of international students are given a mere 5% of the pie. The rankings do not consider factors like campus environment or postgrad job opportunities.

At the top of the list, the University of Cambridge unseated all the usual suspects (Harvard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology) for the top spot. Other surprises include Princeton languishing at #13 and George Washington University sneaking in at #296.

2 Comments on “Georgetown ranks #166 in the world, right behind University of Ghent

  1. Omg, these rankings make me so so angry. These and the Times Higher Ed ones (or are they the same?).
    Such BS. But it hurts us because they’re actually taken seriously by international applicants and their parents and such. Really.

  2. And part of me feels like an asshole for saying this, because my postgrad university does much, much, much better in these rankings (top 15 in the world, seriously? wtf? It’s a big state party school!) but my loyalty lies with Georgetown.

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