Proposed WMATA bus changes seal the Georgetown bubble a little tighter

Last week, the Washington Metro and Transit Authority proposed changes to bus services in all areas of its jurisdiction. These changes include attempts to fix the rampant problem of buses running behind schedule, and eliminate late-night service that is less popular among riders.

But included in the services being cut, unfortunately for us on the Hilltop, are those belonging to two buses that are popular among Georgetown students. WMATA is proposing to stop running the G2 and the D2 buses late on Friday and Saturday nights. The G2, or P Street-LeDroit Park Line, picks up right at Healy Gates, and provides a convenient route to DuPont Circle and the U Street Corridor, both of which are popular locations for students on weekend nights. The D2, or Glover Park-Dupont Circle Line, makes stops in Georgetown and Burleith, and provides routes to Dupont and Farragut West.

But a few Georgetown students who don’t want to pay for cabs seems to be the only business that these two bus routes are getting on weekend nights, as the proposal refers to them as “low-productive.”

The other proposed changes to the Metrobus, however, come pretty welcome. Adjustments are being made on certain bus timetables to better reflect actual travel times, and among those being considered are the D1 and D6.

Although these adjustments have been proposed, this does not mean that they are going to take effect. As reported by Greater Greater Washington, WMATA will hold public hearings before making any final decisions.

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4 Comments on “Proposed WMATA bus changes seal the Georgetown bubble a little tighter

  1. The G2 hasn’t picked up from the front gates for months, and won’t do so for another year.

  2. But how are the neighbors going to tell us to take public transportation now!?!?!

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