Apocalyptic prose used to describe Lafayette’s loss to Georgetown Football

Last Saturday, Georgetown Football beat Lafayette College 14-13 at the Multi-Sport Field and improved their record to 2-0.

Lehigh Valley Live, a website which which includes Lafayette sports in its coverage, has subsequently run possibly the most dramatic article we’ve ever seen in reference to Georgetown football, headlined “Lafayette College Staring into abyss of disaster after heartbreaking loss to Georgetown University.”

“Are we this bad?” author Brad Wilson bemoans in the post, which ran on Monday and is his third for the site about the loss. He then answers his own question, with a very sad “yes.”

Apparently, the Hoyas “represented the best chance for a leopard win.” However, Wilson did give our team, which, we’ll admit, is not historically stellar, a little bit of credit.

“Georgetown is improving,” he said.

“The Leopards, in short, teeter on a precipice of disaster,”  Wilson miserably continues. He also complains that his team looked so “limp, so lame, so soporific,” after a 42-6 season opening loss to North Dakota State.

Wilson goes on to blame the Leopard’s “lunatic schedule” and unsatisfactory coaching for the embarrassing, devastating loss.

Georgetown managed to win, even though Lafayette finished the game with more yards (296 to Georgetown’s 269). Lafayette also had the ball almost eight minutes longer than the Hoyas, according the Washington Post.

Well, gawrsh, our football team isn’t that bad, is it? Georgetown is currently ranked first in the Patriot League, which, for the moment, is pretty nice. The 2009 season, in which the Hoyas won a whopping zero games, seems so long ago..

This weekend the Hoyas will travel to New Haven to play Yale for their season opener. Here’s hoping that Connecticut residents have a reason to angrily, depressedly blog about us next week.

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