Georgetown’s rank in US News: #22

Woof college rankingsThe US News rankings are out! The US News Rankings are out! Is it Christmas already?

Well, not really. This year US News & World Report ranked Georgetown 22nd out of National Universities–one step back from last year, but still a net gain from years past.

The US News & World Report rankings traditionally account for factors like academic reputation, graduation rates, and faculty resources, and do a good job of accurately reflecting higher education their rankings criteria.

In more rankings news, Georgetown is #26 in best value and tied for #9 in high school counselor rankings. (Harvard is #1 is all three of these categories, in case you were wondering.)

So now, we’re left to wonder, “Why can Georgetown never  break the top 20?” Well it might have to do with our low-ranking endowment or poor facilities, or it could be that rankings author Robert Morse is simply annoyed by Georgetown students. That’s right: the author of the yearly rankings lives above Baked & Wired. So you’d better reduce that transient noise if you want to see Georgetown’s rank rise.

5 Comments on “Georgetown’s rank in US News: #22

  1. If I was the author of the yearly rankings, you drunkards would be lucky to even crack the list.

  2. @proud burleither Try living by some (MOST) of the rest of the schools on that list.

    I was back in Georgetown for Labor Day weekend and compared to Ann Arbor, Burleith was positively an oasis of calm and quiet. Actually, almost eerily quiet.

    Where you all get these ideas about Georgetown, I’m not sure.

  3. Rankings are contingent on giving and satisfaction, and neither of those will increase until Georgetown starts taking seriously the opinions and rights of its students.

    See: SAC, OCAF, OCSL, Code of Conduct, Facilities, Space, et al.

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