Bizarre Georgetown murder sparks contemplation on Deadspin

Yesterday on Funbag, the “Letters to the Editor”-type feature on Gawker Media sports site Deadspin, someone posed a question regarding a killer in Georgetown. The commenter, who identified as “Chris,” raised his concern about living in the Georgetown area near a man who supposedly killed his wife:

So there’s this Washington Post story going around about a bat-shit German guy who killed his geezer wife and claims to be an Iraqi general. Thing is, I’ve SEEN this guy around Georgetown for years — I’ve walked past him at least a few times.

It got me thinking — how many times have I crossed paths with certifiable killers? It has to be a surprisingly high number, right?

The Washington Post story, or rather, series of Washington Post stories, that Chris is referring to is that of Albrect Muth, 47, and his now-late wife, Viola Drath, 91 (hence Chris’s use of the term “geezer,” as a less-flattering substitute for “cougar”). Drath, an author and socialite, was found dead from strangulation and blunt-force injuries on Friday, August 12, in the couple’s P Street home. Since then, her husband, the German-born Muth, has been arrested for her killing, and a series of downright weird details have come to light about their May-December life together, like how Muth fashioned himself as a fictitious Iraqi general, and “walked about Georgetown in a self-styled military uniform, carried a baton, smoked a cigar and occasionally wore an eye patch.”

The uniform is, we’d imagine, what made our Georgetown resident/Deadspin aficionado realize that he’s seen Muth walking around the neighborhood, and gave him the creeps that maybe this isn’t the only killer he’s off-handedly encountered in his everyday life.

Now if Chris hailed from a different part of D.C. or another city in the Mid-Atlantic, people might think that he’d be more likely to run into a murderer on his way out for some cereal. But even if he was born and raised in quaint little Georgetown, he’s still pretty likely to have met a few other potential/accused/actual killers, and maybe a high-profile accused rapist or two.

So by our guess, Chris, we’d say you’ve met a few dozen killers. Sorry if you don’t sleep tonight.

5 Comments on “Bizarre Georgetown murder sparks contemplation on Deadspin

  1. Uhh… he also loved wearing that uniform in the Tombs. I remember meeting him and him telling me about how he was an Iraqi army veteran and thinking “only at tombs”. Turns out, he was just a weirdo that I could have met at ANY bar! *shudder*

  2. Where’s the full disclosure, Vox? This is the very same Chris who, most recently, was news editor for the Voice.

  3. I read that Deadspin post yesterday. Thanks for the explanation.

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