This week in the Voice: Hoyas and the Chinese

In Features, Jackson Perry explores the relationship between Georgetown and the Chinese Communist Party, as exposed by the recent fight between our men’s basketball team and the Bayi Rockets:

“The number of undergraduate students studying abroad in China has increased five-fold in as many years. Faculty exchanges, virtually nonexistent before 2004, have become commonplace. There is no doubt that Georgetown students and scholars are in China to stay. But at what cost?”

The Ed Board revisits the Dan Snyder law suit, and celebrates its being dropped from court.

In News, Sankalp Gowda chronicles the successful effort begun by students to fight for campus workers right to unionize.

In Sports, Kevin Joseph has the latest on the men’s football team and their wins so far. Next up, Yale.

In Leisure, Henry Thaler reviews Drive, and attributes its success to style and direction.

On Page 13, The Funny Page, complete with “Dino Jack DeGioia,” returns.

And in Voices, Tim Hark explains his journey as a juggler and a performer.

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