Phil Mendelson urges Zoning Commission to oppose the Campus Plan

´╗┐Friday, At large Council-member Phil Mendelson (yes the same one who says the current redistricting plan is discriminatory) filed a letter to the Zoning Commission opposing the 2010 campus plan. He further writes that he is in agreement with ANC2E and the Office of Planning in that Georgetown should house 100% of students on campus.

By filing this letter, CM Mendelson joins Councilmembers Jack Evans, Mary Cheh, and Vincent Orange in opposing the Campus Plan. 

Mendelson, besides opposing the co-chair’s redistricting proposal, also drafted the 2010 revision to the Nighttime Noise law that offers stronger enforcements for noise violations between 10pm and 7am.

But this letter won’t affect redistricting, at least according to Jake Sticka (COL ’13), the student/ANC Commissioner/redistricting working-group member who is leading the effort against the co-chairs’ proposal.

“I don’t see Mendelson’s opinion on the campus plan at all effecting the prospect of bringing about a fair and equitable redistricting plan in Georgetown,” Sticka wrote in an interview. “As far as I know, Councilmember Mendelson stands by his belief that the currently proposed redistricting plan is illegal and discriminatory.”

2 Comments on “Phil Mendelson urges Zoning Commission to oppose the Campus Plan

  1. ANC redistricting is too parochial of a matter for there to be much risk for Ol’ Phil. But he’s ambitious enough that he’s not going to really stick his neck out, as anything other than full opposition to university Campus Plans (Georgetown, GW, American, it doesn’t matter) would be. He’s gotta secure big donors and boosters too, you know.

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