D.C. rape rate increase largest in nation

On Monday, the FBI released crime statistics for 2010 for each state, as well as for the nation as a whole. According to these stats, while the District of Columbia witnessed decreases in homicide and in violent crime as a whole, the number of reported forcible rapes was up to 187 from 2009’s 150—a staggering 24,7% increase.

Although the statistics do not make stats available for any other individual city, this is by far the highest percent increase in rape of any state, with second place being Nebraska, with an 8.9% increase. The nation as a whole witnessed a 5% decline in forced rape in 2010.

According to the Washington Examiner, the various people associated with the Metro Police Department, including Police Union Chief Kris Baumann, believe that MPD needs to be more active at working to decrease the number of rapes. Suggested measures include “working with local colleges and universities” and encouraging victims to report the crimes committed against them.

Photo from Federal Times.

2 Comments on “D.C. rape rate increase largest in nation

  1. While obviously rape is terrible, potentially this could be looked at as a good thing–surely more than 187 forcible rapes occurred in the last year in the city, and perhaps the same number happened last year, but this year more people were willing to report it.

    Either way, rape sucks–but why the distinction between rape and “forcible” rape? Rape is rape is rape. The end.

  2. The distinction would be between forcible rape and statutory rape. There need not be any force in the later. To whit:

    Are you under 16 and in a sexual relationship with an older person?

    If so, you and your partner need to know about D.C.’s strict statutory rape laws. Statutory rape in D.C. is defined as having sex (or sexual contact) with a minor, under the age of 16 when the older person is 4 or more years older than the minor. If you are under 16, it does not matter whether you consent to having sex. In D.C. your boyfriend or girlfriend could be seriously punished for statutory rape. It may or may not feel like rape to you, but you need to be aware of your rights as a minor not to have sex. If you do have sex before 16, you need to know how it can affect those around you…

    Source: http://www.dcbar.org/for_lawyers/sections/criminal_law_and_individual_rights/law_guide_for_teens/relationships.cfm#3

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