Georgetown once again makes list of top “party dorms”

Back in March, college-geared website Campus Splash released rankings of various college dorms across the country, grouping them into categories like “best,” “worst,” and “best-looking.” And in this set of rankings—for which we’re sure the methodology was careful and highly scientific—Georgetown came out with the honor of two “dormies”: Darnall as third on the “worst” list, and the Village A apartment complex as number six on “Best Party Dorm.”

Well, even though that only happened six months ago, Campus Splash has inexplicably released their next round of rankings, and would you look at that, we’re on there again! This time, though, they apparently realized that Village A can’t really be considered a “dorm,” so our party ranking went down a tad—our sole representative is now New South at a modest #10.

The website’s little blurb about the freshman party spot refers to it as “Zoo South,” a nickname we’re pretty sure the website made up itself. The grammatically frustrating descriptions also adds that the residence hall is “not so clean (but what can we expect from a party dorm?)”

Unfortunately, Campus Splash didn’t put up another “worst” list, so we can’t tell if Darnall is still making the cut. But it appears that having a freshman hall with rooms big enough for beer pong wasn’t enough to land us the accolade of their top list—Georgetown is nowhere to be found on their “Best 15 Dorms” list.

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  1. Unfortunately, they did not make up “Zoo South.” I think either a certain RA in New South last year or that RA’s residents were the ones to come up with that nickname.

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