Upcoming movie says Georgetown in the ’90s required “experience”

Back in the day, Georgetown’s claim to pop culture fame was pretty prestigious—horror buffs and Brat Pack fans alike could appreciate the school’s rich cinematic history. Lately, though, it seems that every high school student who decides to become a Hoya has that one friend who asks if he/she can visit to try and meet Matthew Kidman from The Girl Next Door. Well, for better or worse, Georgetown is about to get yet another slice of big-screen fame. And, although a lot of that fame is based on bars, porn stars, and Satan, we still don’t think our Jesuit contingent will be too happy with this one.

That’s because, although the name has been recently changed to The To-Do List, this movie was formerly entitled The Hand Job. And it seems like that name change had more to do with the film being confused with a Jim Kehoe comedy than with it being a misleading moniker. According to a recent Rookie interview with Aubrey Plaza, of Parks and Recreation fame and the film’s star, the upcoming indie comedy is about a high school senior who’s spent her whole life focusing on school and not on getting enough, well, hands-on experience with her male classmates.

“She’s warned by her older, kind of slutty sister, who’s played by Rachel Bilson, that she must learn how to do stuff with guys before college or she’ll be the laughingstock of Georgetown,” Plaza explained. But keep in mind that the movie is set in 1993, so writer/director Maggie Carey isn’t saying anything about the promiscuity of you and your fellow students, but rather about those who were here around the time you were born. Times change, right?

In addition to Plaza and Bilson, the movie has a pretty impressive cast, including Andy Samberg, SNL‘s Bill Hader, and the ever-typecast Christopher Mintz-Plasse, whose presence probably contributes to Plaza’s description of the film as “kind of like a female Superbad.”

We at Vox strongly encourage the cast of the film, which has wrapped up filming and is set to come out in 2013, to do some serious promoting on the Hilltop. Possibly because we really want to meet Andy Samberg.

Photo from IMDB.

5 Comments on “Upcoming movie says Georgetown in the ’90s required “experience”

  1. I am seriously the only one at Georgetown who isn’t having sex on a regular basis??

  2. Hate to be a buzz kill but Saint Elmo’s Fire was filmed at the University of Md.

    “Hey ulles what you got on under the skirt?”

  3. I like to think this film is a conservative Catholic criticism of Georgetown’s Leo J. O’Donovan era.

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