Have no fear, ladies of the Hilltop, Her Campus is here!

For all you Georgetown gals who previously had no way of knowing the top ten items you need in your fall wardrobe (if you don’t only wear J. Crew, that is), or where to go on a small venture outside of Georgetown this semester, your days of worrying are over–Her Campus has come to the rescue!

Her Campus, an online magazine geared towards the female college demographic, began two years ago when three Harvard students wanted to provide a publication specifically geared towards college women. The categories in the publication include style, health, love, life, career, and world, and the site now caters to over 100 campuses across the United States. We’re not sure why Georgetown has been so late on this bandwagon, but earlier this month, it finally arrived! The Georgetown page includes such categories as news, campus celebrities, campus cuties (!), blog, photos, and upcoming events.

Notable campus celebrities include the beloved Hangover star Bradley Cooper (COL ’97) as well as former president Bill Clinton (SFS ’68). Surprise, surprise. The photos section features a snapshot of a crowded Lau 2 during the third week of school (although whether the students are working or procrastinating while scoping for campus cuties is up for debate). In upcoming events, the much anticipated and appreciated Dayglow Paint Party coming up this Saturday holds a spot alongside the current art exhibition in Walsh’s Spagnuolo Gallery.

And, most importantly, Campus Cuties is currently featuring Jack Allen (COL ’13), whose ideal Georgetown date apparently includes dinner at the waterfront followed by a movie.

So for all you ladies just itching to find out what’s up and happening right now for Georgetown girls, you might want to check the site out. Or if you just want to nominate your favorite administrator or statue of our founder for Campus Cutie, Vox fully supports that.

9 Comments on “Have no fear, ladies of the Hilltop, Her Campus is here!

  1. There is no better campus celebrity to celebrate in an all-women’s magazine than a man who repeatedly cheated on his wife.

  2. Since when did “female college demographic” come to mean “vapid materialistic bimbo.”

  3. Georgetown white boys DO have looking like a white boy on lock. Bro on, Jack Allen.

  4. But where is the publication specifically geared towards college men?

  5. Hell, we all know what happened to the last man who tried to write for a Georgetown campus publication: thrown out a window, charged with a felony.

    There is no greater tragedy in modern American than the stranglehold females have on college newspapers and blogs. It is a great injustice.

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