Lock your doors and hide your conservative friends, Michael Moore is coming!

As a major university in a political hub, Georgetown gets its fair share of noteworthy speakers—from the campus community sweating over Bradley Cooper to a very short-notice drop-in from the President this past spring. And this weekend, the Georgetown Lecture Fund is proudly sponsoring a talk by someone who’s sure to get students on all sides of the political spectrum buzzing with disagreement: Filmmaker, author, and baseball hat enthusiast Michael Moore.

The event, which opens the Lecture Fund’s 2011-2012 season with a bang, is entitled “Here Comes Trouble: An Evening with Michael Moore.” (Be warned that this is a little misleading—the event is actually at 3:00 p.m.). Moore is coming in conjunction with promotion of his new book, Here Comes Trouble: Stories from My Life. The Academy Award-winning director has been known for his left-wing politics and high-publicity antics ever since he got chased off the Oscar stage for turning his acceptance speech for Bowling for Columbine into an anti-war rant in 2003. Since then, he’s produced such politically-minded films as Fahrenheit 9/11, which explored the aftermath of the terrorist attack, and Sicko, a critical look at the U.S. healthcare system. And at a school that loves endless discussion of politics as much as Georgetown, he should be ready for, at the very least, an eager audience, if not one that’s necessarily on his side.

The event will take place in Gaston Hall on Friday, and is free of charge. Wristband distribution will begin at 12:30 p.m., but we expect the line won’t be quite as long as Obama’s was.

Photo courtesy Georgetown Lecture Fund.

13 Comments on “Lock your doors and hide your conservative friends, Michael Moore is coming!

  1. And what fee is the university foolishly paying to have this ignorant fool speak? His typical fee is in the $50,000 to $60,000 range. If the university is going to pay to hear support for these kinds of positions, at least hire someone who does not lie and obfuscate; hire an academic who actually knows something, hire somebody from a think tank who actually has studied the facts and can speak intelligently and honestly. Better yet, hire one from a liberal side and one from a conservative side and hold a reasoned exchange and skip Moore’s bombast.

    Ah well, this just confirms Georgetown does not need my donation this year.

  2. So Georgetown doesn’t get your money because a student group invited a person with a POV you disagree with come here? I’m impressed that you didn’t transfer while you were here.

    They’ve had conservative speakers too. The Lecture Fund does a pretty decent job year to year. No reason to make a scandal out of nothing. And I doubt their budget could afford such prices consistently during the year.

  3. Give yourself a pat on the back because that is perfect and funny.

    @ALUM hes an idiot, but he’s kind of a big deal. The Mortara center, tocqueville forum etc. are more focused on brining academics etc. for meaningful discussion. Lecture fund occasionally even brings movie stars. I think thats more their intention. I would not mind if say, Rush Limbaugh came. he’s a big name, it would be fun. Also, I would like your money

  4. evening is 3:00 if you play by Moore’s definition of actuality

  5. response to @ALUM – no you failed to read my post. I’m not objecting to him because of his POV. I’m objecting to him because he’s an Alyskyite – dishonestly presenting half facts and outright lies and appealing to emotion rather than reason. As I noted in my comment, hire competent, reasoning people from both sides of the issue to present reasoned analysis supported by facts and I will not object. But if Georgetown is going to squander $50,000 on Michael Moore, they’ll do it with someone else’s money, not mine. There are plenty of other worthy causes other than Georgetown to which I can donate my money.

  6. Got a question for Michael: why _the hell_ are you coming to the University with the WiFi as stable as the US healthcare? I guess that would make a good story for your next project.

    And yes, I am trying to watch the Jersey Shore and I can’t – cause SaxaNet DOES NOT EFFIN’ WORKS!

  7. One thing is for certain: you won’t find a group of protesters outside Healy embarrassing the university and the rest of the student body, as they did with Gen. Petraeus. ‘Your conservative friends’ are less prone to marching around screaming against someone they find distasteful. Maybe it’s because they have better manners. I’m sure frequency of showering is correlated as well.

  8. The Lecture Fund is also bringing Ann Coulter next month. So, at the very least, they’re fair & equitable when it comes to semi-ignorant hotheads.

  9. Sorry for misreading your post. I agree that more reasoned debate is always better, and believe me, I’m not a fan of Michael Moore (primarily for the reasons you state), but at least he’ll be blunt.

  10. @ALUM the University is not bringing him, The Lecture Fund is. It’s an entirely student run group who, in the past, have brought numerous other controversial figures from fields and parties.The GU administration has nothing to do with it, If you know anything about student groups on campus, you’d know they can’t afford to pay $50,000 for any speaker. From what I’ve heard, the Lecture Fund doesn’t even get a yearly budget of $50,000. Additionally, Moore will not speaking to spark controversy at this event but will be discussing his career, not his opinions. Please don’t make such rude, judgmental comments unless you have all the facts straight. If you’re going to withhold your donation to your alma mater over something as trivial as a speaker, you clearly didn’t learn much while you were here.

  11. You should know that there is absolutely no way the Lecture Fund, GBP and other student organizations involved do not even have a $50,000 budget. I doubt Moore gets paid more than Karl Rove did. We need all opinions presented on campus and not just conservative ones. Way to go!

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