NCSA puts Georgetown at #15 in Collegiate Power Rankings

Can you believe it’s been a whole two weeks since the last time any new college rankings came out? Well, while we all count down the days until the release of the next round of U.S. News rankings (and pray that this time we break the top 20), the National Collegiate Scouting Association has released its Collegiate Power Rankings, and lo and behold, Georgetown is #15!

And unlike our friends at U.S. News, the NCSA delineates on its website exactly what methodology is behind this list. Each school receives a score based on the average of its Learfield Sports Directors’s Cup ranking, U.S. News ranking, and NCAA student-athlete graduation rate. This year, Georgetown’s total score was 31.67, trailing just behind Harvard and Bowdoin, each with a score of 31.0, and edging out Johns Hopkins’s 32.0.

This score is a significant jump from last year, when Georgetown placed 36th with a score of 47.0. Glad to see we’re making progress somewhere.

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