Twuesday Tweetacular: ‘Tis the season for GUSA

Sean Keady feels teased and used by people who don’t actually want to hang out with him, but just want a vote.

The official Twitter for Cannon Warren’s GUSA senate run reminds us that, although a serious body, GUSA is still an organization run by a bunch of college kids.

Voice Ed Board chair Jackson Perry has found the way to make sure nobody invites him to a New South pregame ever again.

And Greg Laverriere reminds his fellow Georgetowners that midterms are coming, and sleep will become the most sought-after of luxuries.

6 Comments on “Twuesday Tweetacular: ‘Tis the season for GUSA

  1. I think the bracelet and subsequent senior identification is actually the main purpose of Dis-O.

  2. This is why we can’t have nice things, because our campus leaders are drunken bros.

  3. Jack DeGioia is a saint! you understand me?! Jack DeGioia…is a saint!

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