District Digest: Gas and suicide

This week’s Digest includes a McDonald’s brawl, leaky carbon monoxide, and a surprising District statistic.

McDonald’s Tragedy

Last Friday, a George Washington University Graduate student, Patrick Casey, was injured when trying to help break up a fight outside the McDonald’s located at 1916 M Street . Patrick was a veteran of the War in Afghanistan, and was studying international affairs at GW. The fight occurred at 2:40 a.m., and Casey was reportedly thrown to the ground while attempting to stop three men from fighting. According to reports, he died after spending time at the GW hospital.

Leaky smells

Tuesday afternoon, the Second Genesis rehabilitation center, located at 1324 Harvard Street NW, was the recipient of D.C. Fire and EMS attention.  At 3:15 p.m., emergency responders found a “high level” of carbon monoxide in the facility, and a number of people who were showing symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning. Three people were confirmed with carbon monoxide poisoning and were sent to the hospita,l while several more were taken as a precaution.

Sad school stories

At a meeting of the D.C. Council’s Committee of the Whole, D.C. Public Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson and other officials met to discuss the District’s middle schools on Tuesday.  Henderson’s talks were focused on how the District can improve its middle school programs, but also pulled out some fancy statistics.  The Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance Survey, sponsored by the Center for Disease and Control, found that 9.7% of middle school students in D.C. reported “yes” when asked if they ever tried to kill themselves.  Additionally, 13.9% of middle schools students in D.C. have reported being beaten up within the last year, and 40% of D.C. Public Schools’ ninth graders need to repeat the grade.

Other News

The city currently has a police force of 3,800, and Mayor Vincent Gray plans to hire an additional 300 police officers during the next year. Robert Brannum, head of the D.C. Federation of Civic Associations,  defeated the incumbent for the chair of the Ward 5 Democratic Committee, Angel Alston, by a better than 2 to 1 margin. Brannum received 86 votes compared to Alston’s 33. William Boston, who ran as a write-in, received 27 votes.

Photo from WJLA.

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