GUSA senate election results are in!

Ladies and gentlemen, the GUSA results are in! The student body cast 2040 votes for the non-at-large elections, and 1523 for the at-large election. This is up from last year’s 970 for at-large and 1033 for non-at-large.

Below, we have a list of the winners. And we’d like to wish a big Vox Populi congratulations to Eitan Paul, for seizing a write-in victory.

Vote Totals

6 Comments on “GUSA senate election results are in!

  1. 3 Senators were elected with 15, 17 and 20 votes respectively. Six people received more than 70 votes and lost their races.

  2. Aren’t there usually only 4 at-large senators, not 6?

  3. The amount of seats was increased to 6. The lame-duck Senate voted that through a few weeks ago

  4. Which is a pity. A couple of years ago they significantly decreased the number of senators. By hey, if another pair of self important dead beats can get another slot in on their resumes, why not?

    BTW, GUSA defenders, just because more people are voting for the first person who harasses them in their dorm doesn’t mean its a good organization: see argumentum ad populum.

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