Georgetown Athletics launches “new mobile experiences” in form of free iPhone and Droid app

Georgetown sports? There’s an app for that.

There is now, anyway. Yesterday, Georgetown Athletics announced via email and on their website that smartphone-owning students and fans will now be able to keep up with their favorite Hoya teams with the tap of a screen.

As of now, the app is entirely free, and includes such features as headlines, live game scores, and photo galleries (cue everyone changing their wallpapers to pictures of Hollis Thompson). According to the press release, the app will be upgraded within the next few months to include live audio broadcasts of games, which will cost a monthly fee of $0.99 for iPhone users and a yearly fee of $4.99 for those with Droids. But Droid users, before you start gloating, remember that basketball season is only about five months long.

And because we on the Vox team love our readers so much, we gave the Droid version of the app, which you can find by searching for “Georgetown Hoyas” in the Marketplace, a little test run this morning. It’s fast, pretty easy to navigate, and give you countdowns until the next match for just about every sport at Georgetown. Only 36 days, 8 hours, and counting until our first men’s basketball game.

Photo from Amazon.

One Comment on “Georgetown Athletics launches “new mobile experiences” in form of free iPhone and Droid app

  1. Woooo the new “Irrelevant Athletics Experience”!

    In the latest news, TCU is dropping out of the Big East, effectively killing the chance that UConn and WVU stay on board. And since Cuse and Pitt have fled the Big East, Georgetown University has done…………………………. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!

    All right! Lets all stand idly by while the basketball program is destroyed!

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