“We Are Georgetown” slogan contest officially begins

Fall is in the air, and so is men’s basketball season. In preparation for the Hoyas’s 2011-2012 season, Hoya Blue has officially begun voting for the slogan that will soon emblazon thousands of grey backs in the Verizon Center. Here are this year’s options:

  1. Hear the Bark, Fear the Bite
  2. Passion for the Moment, Pride for a Lifetime
  3. One Team. One Goal. One Georgetown.
  4. Guarding the Tradition, Building A Legacy
  5. Our Blood, Our Sweat, Your Tears

It took a little while to decide on which slogan to bestow the Vox endorsement. Numbers three and five are pretty much immediately out, as they’re respectively overly cheesy and kind of gross. We’re also thoroughly disappointed by the lack of references to our team’s recent international reputation for badassery or issues with our dwindling conference. We think ultimately, though, we’re going to have to go for number two, mostly because it sounds like it could double as the back cover for a bad romance novel. If only they could put Fabio on the shirt’s front.

You can vote for your favorite slogan here. And if you have any suggestions for better ones, let us know in the comments!

12 Comments on ““We Are Georgetown” slogan contest officially begins

  1. I really do believe that the only acceptable option is “EAT THAT BOX!”

    Do you people go to the games for anything else?

  2. Number 5 is oddly correct. I can only predict the tears I will shed over this season.

  3. These shirts jumped the shark back with “Now they Know, Here we Come.” I tried finding all of these in one place online and couldn’t, so I rifled through my drawers and compiled the list. Some after have been decent, but the whole thing is tired. I know its blasphemy, but we need a change.

    04/05 – Some Have Forgotten, We Will Remind Them
    05/06 – Respect is Back, Fear is Next
    06/07 – 100 Years of Hoya Hoops. The Tradition Continues
    07/08 – Now they Know, Here we Come
    08/09 – Our Heros Change, The Legend Lives On
    09/10 – Envy our Past, Fear your Future
    10/11 – Victory Now, Georgetown Forever

  4. Catholic League, Glory to Thee

  5. #3 seems to be ignoring the fact that we have a second basketball team that’s arguably better than the first.

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  7. So sad. Don’t you all see the writing on the wall? Gtown can not longer sustain a big basketball program.

    It will not get the recruits. Big East is over. None of the real leagues will take Gtown. High school players will go where the TV time and competitive programs are.

    How about this slogan “One (championship) and Now Done!”

  8. Hey, have you heard of a little top 50 recruit name D’Vauntes Smith-Rivera who committed to the Hoyas today? Don’t be so quick to hop on the gloom and doom train. Also, even if we end up in the mid-majors, that’s not a death sentence (see: Butler, Xavier, BYU, and Gonzaga).

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