Candidates for SAC chair announced

On Wednesday, October 19th, voting will open for the first ever contested election for chair of the Student Activities Commission. The three candidates for 2012 SAC chair are Jack Appelbaum (COL ’14), Dalvin Butler (COL ’13), and Carlos DelaTorre (COL ’13). In their applications each candidate explains their qualifications and visions for the future of SAC.

A common theme among the three commissioners’ statements is a call for transparency and enhanced student input in SAC decisions.

Dalvin Butler

Butler, a two semester commissioner, stands out among the other candidates by being the only commissioner to start his statement with a smattering of poetry.

“’I Have Always Believed In Action’
For far too long, student groups have been told to:
Wait for a better funding system
Wait for student organization friendly funding guidelines
Wait for better communication relations
Wait for all our needs to be met
“We need immediate action! Action that prides itself on the interest of student organizationsin order to create much needed change at SAC.”
— Dalvin Butler, Jr”

Butler’s priorities include the comprehensive budget system, an Ad-Hoc policy, increased transparency, and a method for addressing the needs of both small and large student groups. In particular, Butler emphasizes change.

When asked how he differs from his opponents, Butler said, “Their policy focuses on the status quo and mine is more transformative and urges for change.” Dalvin’s full application can be viewed here [PDF].

We have the other two candidates after the break.

Carlos DelaTorre

DelaTorre points out some of the same concerns as Butler–giving SAC organizations autonomy, creating an Ad-Hoc fund, and emphasizing SAC’s role as an advisory committee. By emphasizing SAC’s advisory role, DelaTorre wants to give student organizations more autonomy with the nitty-gritty of programming, and this would free up time for SAC to assist groups in fulfilling their missions.

“Now is not the time to differentiate between candidates for SAC Chair, but to come together to accomplish the grueling task of crafting a budget system that meets the needs of all student groups. SAC organizations merit a system that allows for the utilization of the best possible resources to succeed,” DelaTorre said. DelaTorre’s full application can be viewed here [PDF].

Jack Appelbaum

Appelbaum similarly focuses on his commitment to a “stronger relationship between commissioners and students” as well as the “use of administrative connections” and “maximum student autonomy.” He intends to open all SAC votes and meetings to the public.

Differing from the other candidates, Applebaum also addresses a need for student groups to be held accountable for their actions. He states that other than the access to benefit review by the administration, there should be more comprehensive ways to address violations of SAC funding policy “to create a fair and appropriate process for student groups.”

However, Appelbaum also thinks SAC should advocate more on behalf of student organizations against unfair policies handed down from the administration.

Overall, Appelbaum, like the other two candidates, hopes for a better future. “It’s time for therelationship between student groups and the commission to be constructive and supportive,rather than adversarial,” Appelbaum said. Appelbaum’s full application can be viewed here [PDF].

13 Comments on “Candidates for SAC chair announced

  1. Dalvin has been a very responsive and caring SAC Commissioner since I have known him. So Dalvin gets my vote!

  2. They all are saying the right things. The difference is Jack can actually deliver on them.

  3. I am the typical typical.

    And anyone with half a brain would vote for Appelbaum.

  4. Dalvin is very responsive and I know little about the other two.

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  6. Do NOT, i repeat, DO NOT vote for Carlos. That is all.

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