This Week in the Voice: October 13, 2011

In Features, Nico Dodd, Iris Kim, and Kelsey McCullough display the trends in fall fashion

Let’s face it, after September, Washington gets cold and rainy. It can be really easy to fall into the habit of bundling up without thinking about what you’re putting on. Colorful wool, patterned tights, and thoughtful layering can look great and stave off drizzle to boot. As we segue from fall to winter, rest assured these looks are impervious to the cold.

In Editorials, our Ed Board lauds California for passing their own version of the DREAM Act.

In NewsMorgan Manger looks at the revitalized Residential Judicial Council.

In SportsAbby Sherburne praises men’s soccer’s freshman goalkeeper Tomas Gomez.

In Leisure, Heather Regen reviews the Donn B. Murphy One Act Festival.

On Page 13, is the kid’s page! We have a wordsearch and a maze for your inner (and outer) child.

And in VoicesMichael Appau takes a look at the benefits Gadaffi brought to Africa.

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