GUSA roundup: Elections are so much fun when you’re the only one running

On Sunday, October 16, the Georgetown University Student Association held its first third senate meeting. The meeting dealt mainly with administrative tasks, such as electing senators into GUSA’s various groups.

The first of these tasks was to confirm the lucky five senators students whose job it will be to administer the GUSA fund, a $30,000 fund derived from the University’s Student Activities Fee meant to give student groups on campus an outlet for supplemental funding. Out of between 15 and 20 applicants, the GUSA Executive nominated Cody Cowan (SFS ’14), Murphy Kate Delaney (COL ’13), Talia Dutcher (COL ’13), Nick DeLessio (COL ’15), and Mark Svennson (COL ’12) as administrators to the GUSA fund, and all were confirmed at Sunday night’s meeting.

According to Cowan, the GUSA Fund members also serve as “an advisory source for smaller groups.” He described how many groups last year did not know what was available for them in terms of funding, and how he plans to step up the Fund’s marketing this year. Dutcher elaborated on this, saying that the GUSA Fund would work hard to “assess the overall need of students” and allocate money as it sees fit.

The GUSA Senate also used this meeting to elect their Parliamentarian. After about five minutes of discussing how she would be the most suitable person for the role, Hannah Miller (COL ’14), the sole candidate, was voted in by the Senate on a majority vote.

5 Comments on “GUSA roundup: Elections are so much fun when you’re the only one running

  1. There are a bunch of errors with this post:

    1. This was not the first meeting of the Senate. It was the third meeting. The first was just an opportunity for everyone to meet each other. The second was the leadership elections for Speaker, Vice Speaker, Chair of FinApp, and the rest of FinApp.
    2. The GUSA Fund members are not Senators. They are students who applied to the Executive to be appointed to the GUSA Fund. They are then confirmed by FinApp then the Senate like what happened on Sunday.
    3. The GUSA Fund is not a $30,000 fund. It was in it’s first year, but the GUSA Fund budget will be determined at the next FinApp/full Senate meeting.
    4. It Cody Cowan, not Cowen.

    Just want to keep the record straight.

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