D.C. ♥ vegetarianism, according to new survey

Earlier this week, market research firm Mandala Research released the results of an online survey commissioned by LivingSocial on the dining habits of America’s metropolitan areas. The results? That, despite the popularity among Georgetowners of such carnivorous establishments as Wingo’s and Wisey’s, D.C. loves it some vegetarian food.

According to the survey, the District ranks highest among preference for vegan and vegetarian cuisine. In a country where 45% of residents are self-proclaimed “meat lovers,” D.C.’s residents’s number is a mere 38%, the lowest of all areas polled. In contrast, 20% of D.C.-ers identify as “health nuts,” and 8% as “vegetarian/vegan,” which is 3% higher than the national average.

This news should not come as much of a surprise, as last year D.C. earned the prestigious title of PETA’s Most Veg-Friendly City.

Other interesting outcomes of the survey include our ranking as sixth in the nation for best overall dining scene, and first for Ethiopian cuisine. And the District’s “hottest restaurant” for LivingSocial deals? Georgetown’s very own Sweetgreen.

H/T Dcist.

3 Comments on “D.C. ♥ vegetarianism, according to new survey

  1. Technically, our vegetarian/vegan rate is 3 percentage *points* higher than the national average. It’s 60% higher. (60% of 5% = 3%)

  2. How many adult men have you met that are vegans? In my life, just one, and he did it for his wife.

  3. Box, you clearly have encountered very few compassionate adult males in your life

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