Homecoming Weekend: What to do, where to drink, and what to listen to

In case the abundance of emails, Inflatable Jack on the law, and the mob scene in Red Square haven’t tipped you off yet, it’s Homecoming Weekend! And while Page 13 offered a “history” lesson this week on where all of our fine Homecoming events originated, here Vox offers you a more up-to-date (and more factual) rundown of what to expect:

  • Sports!: Believe it or not, Homecoming is, at its heart, an athletic event. So don’t miss the sports games going on this weekend! Women’s soccer started their showdown with Villanova on North Kehoe Field at 2:30 today, women’s volleyball plays St. John’s tonight at 8, and football takes on Colgate tomorrow at 2.
  • Booze!: Sure, there are sports, but let’s face it—Homecoming is all about students and alums coming together over their mutual love of drunkenness. Of course there’s the Saturday tailgate, complete with beer trucks and “the East Coast’s premiere ’80s cover band.” But the Corp and the veterans each hold happy hours, Villa de la Balze is giving out Italian wine, and each recent graduating class also gets its own “young alumni class party” at a different bar in the area. Basically, if you’re over 21, Georgetown is begging you to get drunk this weekend.
  • WGTB’s First Alumni Reunion Radio Show: Alums of Georgetown’s radio station will get together on the airwaves in this new radio tradition, which happens Saturday from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. at a computer near you.
  • Lectures: Wait, what? For students, going to class during Homecoming seems like the worst idea possible. But apparently, some of the returning alums want to do something other than drink all weekend and pretend they’re still in college. So there are classes for alums—for the low low price of only $5 each!—running all day, with a reception to follow.

And if you’re looking for some tunes to accompany your homecoming festivities, we’ve got you covered there too. Georgetown rapper Ryan Maxwell (COL ’12) has a new song out, entitled Maxwell’s Back, the lyrics of which any Hoya celebrating Homecoming—or just any Hoya at all—can appreciate.

Enjoy, and have a happy Homecoming!

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