Jack Appelbaum wins first ever contested SAC chair election

Jack Appelbaum (COL ’14) has been elected chair of the Student Activities Commission for the spring and fall semesters of 2012. Appelbaum has served on the commission for the previous two semesters, as well as participated in the Student Activities Endowment Commission and is representing SAC for the new Student Group Union.

Here’s Appelbaum’s statement:

I appreciate the support of SAC student groups and am excited to continue working on their behalf. I think SAC has an enormous opportunity next semester to better cater to the larger concerns of our student groups. Hopefully we can make the event approval process more efficient so SAC can focus on other issues at our weekly meetings. I want to improve communication between commissioners and their student groups so the commissioners can be looked to as advisers and supporters of programming rather than an obstacle to overcome in the approval process. By using the authority SAC and its decisions have, we can make progress on helping student groups create the strongest possible programming on campus.

Appelbaum’s positions on all issues were fairly similar to hisĀ opposition for chair, Dalvin Butler (COL ’13) and Carlos Delatorre (COL ’13), with one notable exception. Appelbaum was only candidate who proposed to challenge some of the less-than-helpful aspects of the Georgetown bureaucracy.

“For example, we always hear a lot about trouble with [On Campus Activity Facilities] and how groups often have difficulty monitoring their budgets because invoices come in late,” Appelbaum wrote in an email. “While I would seek to alleviate that by setting up meetings with administrators, if necessary SAC could make certain decisions to benefit our student groups.”

Also, SAC reports directly to Vice President of Student Affairs Todd Olson, and Appelbaum maintains that administrators will welcome student input.

“If SAC can get to a point where we properly understand the concerns of student groups and can advocate on their behalf,” Appelbaum wrote, “We can be a powerful voice for reform that will hopefully carry some weight.”

3 Comments on “Jack Appelbaum wins first ever contested SAC chair election

  1. Any chance we’ll know the vote count? Do Butler and Delatorre still get seats?

  2. Having a sane and intelligent person at the head of SAC is refreshing.

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