WaPo has Georgetown’s back on Campus Plan

Yesterday, the Editorial Board of the Washington Post came out in support of Georgetown University in the ongoing Campus Plan hearings. Pitching the struggle between the University and its neighbors as a crisis of urban planning, WaPo asks that the zoning commission not place unnecessary constraints on D.C.’s largest employer.

“What’s most troubling about the city’s posture is the notion that an increase in young people, particularly those in search of an education, is somehow undesirable,” writes the WaPo editorial board. “What happened to the idea that these are the very kind of people that should be lured to make the District their home?” Also, the suggestion that Georgetown should build a satellite campus for its undergraduates was called “laughable.”

While the Washington Post is calling the Office of Planning hypocritical for restricting growth, a Washington City Paper blog is putting the blame right at the top, with a couple jabs at D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray.

Gray has pushed students to get involved in district affairs, but at the same time wants to restrict the “creeping” presence of the University.

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