Galvanizing Georgetown’s 99% for Occupy D.C.

Late Friday afternoon, a group of about 15 students met on Copley Lawn to discuss their involvement in the ongoing Occupy D.C. movement. Although the conversation was framed around how the group could galvanize interest at Georgetown for the march on McPherson Square this coming Friday, attendees also touched on the broader implications of the movement.

The facilitator of the discussion was Gina Bull (SFS ’12), who made it very clear that she was only serving to keep things organized because the Occupy movement is non-hierarchical. Attendees deferred to each other when they wanted to speak, and “sparkled” (picture spirit fingers) when they agreed with something.

The student march on Friday will start at 3:00 p.m. with a briefing on the route. A group of Georgetown students will be gathering earlier at Healy Gates and leaving for the rally at 2:00 p.m.

The Occupy movement has frequently been criticized for its lack of a clear message, but to the attendees of the meeting, this ambiguity needs to be maintained. To them, the 99% is a diverse population united by discontent.

“We don’t have a powerpoint,” one participant put it.

The participants may have been united by discontent, but were discontent about different things. To one, the massive debt that students were graduating with—only to then face unemployment or under-employment—is unacceptable. To another, it was the 2008 financial crisis and the policies that led up to it that brought her to Copley Lawn. Yet another identified as being born into the 1%, and she knew it was the privilege of her background that gave her a head start in life.

Moving forward, the group decided to have a board in Red Square this Wednesday for students write on, explaining why they are the 99%.

The full realease about the march is published after the break.

Friends, Allies, and Fellow Students:

Our world has recently seen some big changes during our lifetimes.  The explosion of tuition and fees at institutions of higher learning, the tightening of student aid, and the spectre of a life in debt are the mere beginning.  We have got to do better by ourselves, our children, and our world.  And we’re starting to fight back.
Over the past few weeks, students from all over the country have been organizing themselves in alliance with local Occupy groups and we are no different here in Washington, D.C.  Students from the University of Maryland at College Park, the George Washington University, Howard University, Georgetown University, American University, George Mason University, the University of the District of Columbia and the Community College of the District of Columbia have organized a JOINT ACTION for THIS FRIDAY, OCTOBER 28th.
We want to stand up against the enormous profit extracted from our labors as students and demand a change.  We are planning a march against an organization that we all know can make the lives of millions of students and future workers better by adhering to justice.  And Occupy DC has our backs: Sunday evening, they signed on to help us out with their wealth of resources and knowledge.
And we want you to join us!
Date:  Friday, October 28th
Time: 3pm-4:30pm
Expected attendance: 150-200 students, plus allies from Occupy DC
Location:  Rally will begin at McPhereson Square (15th and K Streets, NW DC); March will proceed to target on Pennsylvania Avenue and return to McPhereson Square.
Action:  We will be taking over the lobby of this corporation and holding a rally inside.  WE NEITHER ANTICIPATE NOR DESIRE ANY ARRESTS, but we will have Legal Observers, Medics, and other logistical support from Occupy DC.
Briefing:  At 3pm we will convene as a group in McPhereson Square to announce the details for the march.  We are concerned that if our target knows we are coming, we will be unable to get inside of their lobby for our rally.  We will announce the target at this briefing, and if there anyone decides that they feel uncomfortable, we would love to have their support during the march and anyone can make their own choice to not enter the building.  It doesn’t help our cause if we alienate our fellow students.
Materials:  Attached is a form flyer that you can use on your campus!  Just print, add a meet-up time and location on campus that gives you enough time to get to McPhereson Square, copy, and post.  Also attached is a sign-up sheet for you to use when students gather on your campus so that you can keep in contact with fellow activists.
If you have any questions, concerns, comments, critiques, or jubilations, please feel free to send them to and PLEASE FORWARD THIS EMAIL and invite your friends to join us!!
In Solidarity,

Students Occupy DC



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  2. this movement sounds more and more like kindergarten every day

  3. Occupy Wall Street turns to the A United World Social Network (WE Party) for help to create change without protesting. The ( Social Network is for “People Helping People Online” This has nothing to do with the Tea Party. It’s the WE, Party and it appeals to 100% of the people, 100% of the time.

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    The WE Party Mentors say “WE can make a difference” – “Yes WE can” – United WE stand” – “WE can be the change WE wish to see in theworld” – “In God WE trust” – “WE the people” – “WE are the world” – I’m proud to be an AmerWEcan” – “WE are family” – “WE believe” – “WEneed a media in this country that covers grassroots movements” – WE shall not be moved” – “All WE want is equity

    WE created three petitions for WE Party Peace Ambassadors to sign.

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  4. Maybe they’re unemployed because they are busy planning protests instead of working on their resumes. Anyone can say they are discontent about the world. That will never get anything done. How about a little thing called hard work. And no i am not in the 1%. Don’t complain; improve.

  5. So let me get this straight. The participant is asked about their lack of clear message and the only way he or she can properly answer the question is by alluding to Microsoft?

  6. I am ashamed that the Voice Blog would tarnish the Georgetown logo by associating it with this movement.

  7. FYI, you don’t have to be unemployed to have qualms with our plutocracy. This crushing student loan debt means I have no choice but indentured servitude. But everything is bright and beautiful in the land of opportunity where your success is only determined by your hard work, right? Hi-larious

  8. @Employed 99%

    …I think it’s incredibly ignorant to compare working off student loans to indentured servitude-a form of slavery. Not everything in life is free bucko.

  9. God, these people really make my blood boil. Not only are they unemployed (read: lazy (because honestly, if you’re unemployed in this economy you GOTTA be lazy)), but they SMELL! Have you ever met one of these people!?!?! They’re a mob! You know, like what the Founding Fathers warned us about! Man, I’m all for democracy and shit, but not like this, not like this. Why don’t they just elect a civilized and wealthy patrician to represent their views? I’d talk to THAT guy. I mean, maybe.

  10. @This is crap,
    Extreme, yes, but the parallels are there: Promise of a bright new future, sign your name on the dotted line, work for 25 years to pay it off, where did a quarter of my income go?, oh thank god for the respite of the grave and/or prison to get my three hot and a cot if any source of income in my life falls through. Not everything in life is free, but Georgetown is a lot cheaper for the people whose parents can write $50,000 checks every year. Meanwhile, my already monstrous debt will end up being double or triple the principal amount over 25 years all because my naive 18 year old head thought that my academic performance was enough to get into Georgetown. Shoulda gone to state school and left Georgetown for the 1%.

    I should steal your username, This is crap, because that’s what life will be like for me and all my student loan carrying brethren as we keep searching with diminishing hope for the fabled meritocracy that a Georgetown education promised us when we weren’t even old enough to rent a car or drink booze. I sold my soul to Citibank and Sallie Mae, and all I got was .5% interest knockoff for auto-debit.

  11. I really love watching GU students lecture others about not being lazy and just putting in a good days work. I’m sure you’ve all worked a 40 hour work week at daddy’s Greenwich hedge fund, but that’s hardly the same thing as trying to make it by yourself. You may crap in a golden toilet, but your shit still stinks. Get over the misplaced sense of superiority and actually examine the concerns of the people out there protesting. If you actually talk to these people and still come away with the idea that they are lazy, incompetent, whiners, etc, then at least you will have made a conscious effort to think critically.

  12. A lot of people have a sad story. You got a world-class education and now you have to work it off. Life is unfair, quit crying and stop trying to take other people’s hard-earned money.

  13. Wow…hooray for the status quo, I guess. Don’t be surprised when all of those sad stories decide to fight back, though.

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