More on yesterday’s GUTS bus crash outside the JesRes

Yesterday, at approximately 12:43 p.m., a Georgetown University Transportation Shuttle bus crashed into a stone barrier pole outside of the Jesuit Residence. The accident was apparently due to faulty breaks brakes.

According to eyewitness Christina Hu (MSB ’13), the bus, which was headed for Rosslyn, left the McDonough parking lot a few minutes late and began accelerating as it headed towards the stop. The bus then went onto the sidewalk, as pedestrians fled out of the way, and hit two small trees before finally stopping on impact with barrier.

“I’m surprised that the people who were in the path of the bus weren’t more hysterical,” Hu wrote in an email. “Some literally missed death (or serious injury) by an inch.”

When the driver, who was the only one on board, got off the bus, he told the surrounding people that problems with brakes resulted in the crash. No injuries were reported.

Photo by Twitter user @randerson24

4 Comments on “More on yesterday’s GUTS bus crash outside the JesRes

  1. That seriously looks like a badly photoshopped picture.

    Yikes, glad no one was hurt.

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