Comments of the Week: Occupy Vox Pop

This week, 99% of our comments were about 1% of our posts. (Well actually, we did two posts on the Occupy movement, so it was really more like 10%.) Either way, amid all the rabble rousing, we still found a few shining examples to put in COTW.

Brick Tamland summarized a lot of the discussion about a Georgetown student trying to employ the 99%:


KnoleT Freymann asked the question that was on everybody’s mind when news of the party on Healy Lawn came out (the answer to which, sadly, was no):

what’s the deal with the tent party? there gonna be alc? if so, how free will this alc be?

(these are the kinds of questions hard-hitting student journalists need to be asking!)

And, amid all the hubbub over protests and parties, asuka used our most relevant post of the week to remind us what’s really worth talking about:

Look at his little white sock!


One Comment on “Comments of the Week: Occupy Vox Pop

  1. May I suggest renaming Comments of the Week to “The Asuka Award for Excellence in Commenting?”

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