Georgetown Sends Public Safety Newsletter to Neighbors

Today, Georgetown started a regular public safety column by DPS Chief of Police Rocky Delmonaco as part of Georgetown’s new look-how-good-of-a-neighbor-we-are website. In the column, Delmanaco goes over some significant events regarding public safety that happened in the past week, including the fire in Burleith and everything that went down on Halloween. Curious how Delmonaco assures the neighbors that Georgetown is doing everything in its power to ensure the safety and quality of life in the area, but nothing regarding the Burleith fire, the shooting on M street, or the Halloween robberies was sent to the student body. The column is posted below.


Rocky’s Report

Georgetown cares about everyone’s safety –  students, neighbors and the thousands of people who visit Georgetown neighborhoods.  Today, we’re introducing Rocky’s Report, a weekly column where GU Chief of Police Rocco “Rocky” Del Monaco will give an update on activity in the neighborhood over the weekend, separate fact from fiction, set the record straight, and keep you in the know on campus and neighborhood public safety matters.  You will find these reports each week

November 2, 2011 — Hi, It’s Rocky here.  Thanks for checking in with me to find out what’s happened over the past week.  You may think keeping Georgetown’s campus and neighborhoods safe, clean and quiet is an easy job.  But you’d be surprised how much effort goes into accomplishing it.  Here’s some of what happened during the previous week (10/24-31).

This weekend was a big one at the University– we hosted a bunch of events to launch our fundraising campaign and also celebrated Halloween.  The weekend went very well, with the exception of a robbery near N & 36th Streets. Moredetails on that further down.

In preparation for the big Halloween weekend, we staffed up – we extended our M Street shuttle service, paid for D.C. police officers to patrol the neighborhoods adjacent to campus on more days than we even usually do, and supplemented all that with senior University administrators out in the community. We had all that in action five days of this past week – Thursday through Halloween Monday.  We also did specific outreach to MPD and to Georgetown studentsbefore the weekend.

The University asked for 7 additional D.C. police officers to be on the streets on all five of these nights, and MPD was able to provide the full complement on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  On Thursday, we had 6 additional officers, and on Friday, we had 3.  We are willing to pay for 7 every weekend night, and are working with MPD to have that full complement as often as possible.  Many of the MPD officers were on foot patrol and bikes, because we know having officers visible on the streets deters crime and helps students and visitors be mindful of their volume and general behavior in a residential neighborhood.

About the robbery – on Monday night around 8, one of our students was robbed while walking near N and 36th Streets.  Thankfully, the student was not injured, and thanks to the good work of MPD, in cooperation with our DPS officers, several suspects have been arrested.  MPD also handled several other robberies in the area that night and arrests were made.

There were two other incidents of note in the area.  Our students were not involved in either but you likely heard about them.  On Sunday night, there was a fire reported in Burleith.  Our students do not live in this house and were not involved.  DC officials responded.  On Monday night we were saddened to learn of a shooting in East Georgetown during the M Street Halloween festivities.  This incident did not involve any member of our community — and was in fact some distance away from campus.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the victim and his family.

SNAP and MPD both reported lots of foot traffic over the weekend, many folks in costume, but no major incidents or disturbances.

Finally, I’m really pleased that ridership on our new M Street Shuttle remains high.  We’ve had a great response from students –over 9,300 riders since the shuttle started service in August.

Until next week — be safe!

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