President DeGioia asks “friends” of Georgetown to support the Campus Plan

Earlier today, University President Jack DeGioia sent out an email addressed to “Friends,” asking them (well, us) for support on the much-disputed Georgetown Campus Plan.

After reminding his readers that the Campus Plan’s final hearing is on November 17, and that a ruling by the Zoning Commission will soon follow (Editor’s Note: What are we going to post about after that?!), so now is the time to take action in the Plan’s support. He also cites the measures that the University has taken to address neighbors’s complaints, like the trash pick-ups and extra Metro Police Department officers, and that we even have the Washington Post on our side.

The email includes a link where supporters can sign a petition in favor of the Plan, which is described as “a modest plan to address strategic priorities that meet our mission and allow us to strengthen our position as a world class university.” Supporting it means supporting four main aspects of the University, including its economic contributions to the District of Columbia and the off-campus work of Georgetown students, faculty, and staff.

Read DeGioia’s full email after the jump!

Dear Friends:

I write to update you on Georgetown University’s Campus Plan, and to offer a quick and easy way for you to show your support for our community.

Every 10 years, universities in Washington, D.C. must present to the city their growth plans for the coming decade.  Georgetown’s campus plan offers modest, targeted growth opportunities that will meet our strategic needs for the next decade.  On November 17, we will have the final hearing in this process.  A few months after the hearing, D.C.’s Zoning Commission will make a ruling on our 2010-2020 campus plan.

Last week, The Washington Post editorial page wrote about our plan, recognizing the important economic contribution that Georgetown and other higher education institutions make to our city.  As the largest private employer in Washington, Georgetown paid approximately $175 million in wages and salaries to D.C. employees last year and spent $86 million on the purchase of goods and services in the District.  We are proud that 40% of our 9,800 employees are D.C. residents.

At Georgetown, we work every day to engage with a broad range of stakeholders to improve the quality of life in our neighborhood.  We’ve heard the concerns of our neighbors and we have responded by investing in a number of successful initiatives. In August we started a new M Street Shuttle, moving more than 9,300 students so far between campus and M Street on weekend nights.  We have collected more than 120 tons of trash from neighborhood streets on new, twice-daily trash patrols.  And we have increased our partnership with D.C. police, funding 7 officers in the neighborhood on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights to help keep our neighborhoods safe.

The 2010-2020 campus plan and our investments in our surrounding neighborhoods will allow us to continue to attract and educate the very best students.  Please show your support for Georgetown by signing our letter. Together, the names of hundreds of members of the Hoya family can send a message that we support strengthening Georgetown’s position as a world-class university.


John J. DeGioia

President, Georgetown University


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