DCWEEK and FotoWeek make November 4-12 an artsy, innovative good time

No offense if it contains your birthday or wedding anniversary, but the second week of November is generally pretty unexciting. Apparently, D.C. residents agree, as two groups have decided to host week-long celebrations starting this weekend, making November 4-12, 2011, more than just another nine days to get through before Thanksgiving.

The first of these events, which kicks off today, is 2011’s DCWEEK festival, sponsored by Ford, which sets the goal of “bringing together designers, developers, entrepreneurs, and social innovators of all kinds.” Events take place all over the city, and include panel discussions, clinics, a runway show, and, of course, plenty of parties. The kickoff is tonight at the 9:30 Club at 10:30 p.m.

The other event is FotoWeek, which starts tomorrow and runs through November 12, but also has a launch party taking place tonight. The event consists mainly of—you guessed it—photography exhibitions and contests throughout the city, but also includes lectures, workshops, and even portfolio reviews for aspiring photographers. One of these events, a student exhibition sponsored by the Georgetown University Art Aficionados, will take place at the Department of Art and Art History on the ground level of Walsh. The opening reception for this event is Saturday, November 5, and the theme of the show is “a state of flux.”

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