Georgetown to host China Higher Education Exhibition tomorrow

This week, Georgetown will partner with the China Scholarship Council to host the 2011 China Higher Education Exhibition. The event will take place on Thursday from 12:00-7:30 p.m. in the Fisher Colloquium of the Hariri building.

Featuring representatives from 24 prominent Chinese universities, the CSC hopes to encourage more students to study abroad in China by providing information on programs for bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, Ph.D.s, and senior scholars, as well as scholarships and language programs.

The China Scholarship Council is a non-profit organization affiliated with the Chinese Ministry of Education with the mission of “strengthen[ing] the friendship and understanding between Chinese people and the people of all other countries” by developing educational, scientific, technological, and cultural exchanges.

This is one of two China-related events going on this week on campus. The other one, a panel discussion tonight in McShane entitled “Striking the Balance: Georgetown’s Engagement with China,” focuses on the morality behind Georgetown’s relationship with the country.

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