GUSA, administrators meet to discuss student space, officially lay Healy Pub to rest

On Monday, November 7, members of the Georgetown University Student Association met with University President Jack DeGioia, Vice President of Student Affairs Todd Olson, and other University administrators to discuss issues of student space on campus. During this meeting, the administrators officially reported that the plan for Healy Pub, after taking a few hits hits from the University in recent months, is no longer on the table.

According to a GUSA press release, this decision came after a “lengthy feasibility study” conducted by the University revealed that a Healy Pub is not in line with Georgetown’s goals for student space allocation. Efforts moving forward will focus heavily on the New South Student Center, and a redesign of Dahlgren Quadrangle that will include more student space in Healy.

5 Comments on “GUSA, administrators meet to discuss student space, officially lay Healy Pub to rest

  1. Can we see this feasibility study?

    Administration ignoring GUSA #forgenerationstocome

  2. Ultimately, the feasibility study was complete when the university refused to sell or lease the space. There’s not much more GUSA could have done beyond that.

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