ANC2E and BCA/CAG file more compaints against the Campus Plan

Das Liberstraum!This week, the Advisory Neighborhood Commission[PDF] and the Burleith Citizens Association/Citizen’s Association of Georgetown[PDF] filed their final responses to the University’s latest appeasement efforts with the Zoning Commission. And nothing’s changed. All three organizations want all students on campus, and all of the University’s actions have been nothing but ineffective posturing. But let’s jump into the interesting parts of their monstrous filings.

• First Vox is going to question the legality of the ANC’s filing. A resolution affirming this filing on behalf of the ANC 2E was not adopted at a public meeting, and Commissioner Jake Sticka (COL ’13) told Vox that Georgetown Metropolitan’s post was the first he saw of this. This was probably written by Commissioners Jeff Jones, Ron Lewis, and Ed Solomon (who included personal testimonies at the end). This wouldn’t be the first time certain ANC2E commissioners engaged in some misrepresentation of authorship.

• The BCA/CAG filing has multimedia by our favorite wanna-be paparazzi Stephen R. Brown, who included a youtube video of a student house in Burleith. Although still creepy as ever, Vox is happy he is expanding his artistic horizons. Maybe next he’ll shoot in 3D. Surroundsound? 60FPS?

• Not only have Georgetown’s efforts been ineffective, but they’ve actually made the problem worse! “The GU trash collection efforts (1.5 tons of trash per day, according to GU!) has [sic] perversely lead to even greater student disregard for trash collection times and container requirements.”

Also, those reimbursable details the University is paying for? They don’t just ignore the problem houses, but their very employment by the University means they can’t be hired by BCA/CAG. “This situation recently lead CAG to terminate its own reimbursable detail and rely instead on patrols by private security officers.” The ANC adds on that “moreover, the officers know they are sponsored and paid by GU, an institution that has demonstrated a disturbing lack of enthusiasm for effective MPD enforcement against student misconduct and noise.”

•Hands down, the best part of BCA/CAG’s filing is their attempt to discredit those who testified in support of Georgetown. These are Vox’s favorites:

Grace Bateman, attorney and long time supporter of University positions on neighborhood issue.
Thomas Strike – Burleith resident – rents to GU students
Jonda McFarlane – in the past associated with a non-profit supported by GU
Tim Moran – has lived in Georgetown only since August 2010

Where’s the disclosure from the other side of the aisle? How about “Lenore Rubino – Realtor.”

• Some more ANC gold: End SafeRides. “We note also that GU does not propose to stop running its separate late night shuttle van through the residential streets which CAG, BCA and ANC 2E have requested be ended because of its disruptive effects. The noise from groups of late-night partying students getting on and off this van in the residential neighborhoods, or waiting for the van while socializing loudly on a residential sidewalk, continues to be objectionable.”

• The ANC also proposes new housing be placed in Reiss once the Regent’s Hall is finished. This is definitely within the realm of possibility, but living in the labs of the expanded science faculty might get a little awkward IMO.

The “final” hearing for the Campus Plan is next Thursday night. Tune in to Vox to catch our live coverage of the hearing.

14 Comments on “ANC2E and BCA/CAG file more compaints against the Campus Plan

  1. Did you just compare GU students with the victims if Nazi Germany? Way to stay classy. If you want to be taken serious in this debate, I would avoid hysterical analogies like that.

  2. Agreed with Wow. How about ANC2E wanting students housed in West Virginia, whereas BCA/CAG would prefer the Eastern Shore? That’s still satirical, though it’s edging dangerously closer to reality. One condition though: they’re not allowed to drive in because heavens, where would they park?! But, if they parked elsewhere and took the Metro to Dupont, GU would have to run more shuttles, which would also ruin neighborhood tranquility, or they would crowd Metrobuses, also resulting in mass chaos. Clearly, the only solution is for Georgetown to become an online institution. Problem solved!

  3. Even if this was a serious observation, it still wouldn’t as hysterical as the neighbors themselves. Can you say “waving the bloody lawn sign?”

  4. If you want to be taken seriously in the debate, be open to compromise as the university has made efforts to do so. Is this what the dialogue has become?

    BCA/CAG: There’s too much noise with students walking through the neighborhood.
    GTOWN: Ok, we’ll provide a shuttle that brings them through the neighborhood and back to campus.
    BCA/CAG: No, those shuttles make too much noise.
    GTOWN: Ok, how about an electric fence around the campus so students will not be allowed to go off campus?

    BCA/CAG: There’s too much garbage in the neighborhood from students living off campus.
    GTOWN: Ok, we’ll provide daily trash collection throughout the neighborhood.
    BCA/CAG: Are you crazy? That’ll make the problem worse!
    GTOWN: Ok, how about we have cleaning crews on every block of 20007 24/7 so as soon as a piece of garbage is dropped, it will be picked up?

    Housing all students on campus will not help because students will continue to walk the streets of the Georgetown neighborhood. In my opinion, this just proves that BCA and CAG will oppose anything the university does, even if it is in response to what they have been complaining about.

    I’ll be living in Burleith next year and I can’t wait to find out how bad the living conditions are as an off campus resident.

  5. In the interests of historical accuracy: using a map of the annexation of the Sudetenland does not “compare GU students with the victims if Nazi Germany.” The majority of the ethnic German residents of the Sudetenland were quite supportive, even enthusiastic, about the annexation of their homes by Der Vaterland. Not surprisingly, the non-Germans didn’t take too kindly to this, and in the aftermath of the war the Czechoslovak government engaged in wide-scale ethnic cleansing (not genocide – they didn’t kill them)/mass deportation of ethnic Germans from these areas.

  6. The point is that if you’re going to accuse the other side of being hysterical, it’s best to avoid analogies to Nazi Germany entirely, particularly analogies that don’t even make sense historically. (As Dizzy points out, nobody was expelled TO the Sudetanland.

  7. The “neighbors” lose all credibility with me (insofar as they ever had any) when they demand an end to Safe Rides. Should we close the hospital too, since it sometimes forces loud ambulances through Burleith? What about the student health center? People may walk through the neighborhood to get there. Oh and GERMS has to go — way too much noise when those ambulances go to help sick and injured students. Plus, the existence of GERMS just encourages students to drink more because they know that if they go over the top, there will be a student-run EMS to save the day.

    Sometimes safety matters more than a little bit of noise. The neighbors just have to suck it up and deal with it .

  8. Obviously I have a vested interest in the University. But how can a neutral party not take the side of the University when they have not shown a single sign of compromise during this entire struggle while the University has shown plenty? The rich pretentiousness is just unbearable. It’s OUR neighborhood, for both of us, not theirs exclusively. They think because they paid $1,000,000+ for their home we’ll never have a proper place in it, they’re never going to change their POV.

  9. Just when you think that Lenore Rubino, Jennifer Altemus and their comrades can’t do any more to show contempt for their neighbors, they find a new way. In this case, by demanding that the city ignore the concerns of anyone affiliated with an organization “supported by GU.” For example, they believe that the Duke Ellington School must reject any support or assistance from GU and its students, or risk being censored by CAG and the BCA regarding any testimony linked to its neighborhood concerns.

    The BCA and CAG complain that Grace Bateman is a long-time activist and supporter of the University, then complain that Tim Moran has only lived in the area since August 2010. On one hand, they think the city should dismiss Moran’s concerns because he hasn’t been around for many years, while they should also dismiss Bateman’s concerns because she has been involved for decades.

    Also, if being a graduate of GU disqualifies your concerns, then they should also dismiss any submissions from CAG, as it is led by Jennifer Altemus.

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