It’s not you, Vox Populi, it’s me

Yesterday, Demi Moore announced that she and Ashton Kutcher are officially ending their six-year marriage. Tragedies like this make us realize the sad reality that most relationships, no matter how perfect, must eventually end. And so, it is with the deepest sadness that I tell the wonderful, trusty readership of Vox Populi that I’m breaking up with you.

But we had a good run, right? Over the past semester, we witnessed a slew of controversial speakers, a Halloween shooting in our neighborhood, Georgetown’s reception of the ever-important Bieber Bump, and the most unexpectedly controversial feature this blog has ever seen. Our months together were some of the best I’ve had, and I’ll miss waking up hours before class every morning to scour the Internet, looking for something to fill a 2:00 p.m. posting gap.

But we can still be friends, right? I won’t be going far—just getting offline, away from Twitter, and back into the print side of things. I’m sure I’ll still pop up here every once in a while, and I get the sneaking suspicion that come Monday, you’ll have moved on and found yourselves a new editor.

Photo from CNN.

5 Comments on “It’s not you, Vox Populi, it’s me

  1. Will the new editor share your unwavering support of vox pupuli?

  2. Leigh, as alluded to snarkily above, you did a great job under unexpected circumstances. Thanks for your work!

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