Vox, I am your father

After Leigh’s illustrious reign ended last Friday, you were all definitely waiting with bated breath for word of her replacement and wondering, “Who’s the handsome and winningly humble stallion who thinks he can run Vox Populi next?”

Well, wait no longer! I’m that stallion. But call me Jackson. Or Ace. I answer to both.

Taking over as blog editor, I feel a bit like a degenerate uncle forcing my well-off brother to let me sleep on his couch while I scare his children with my surprisingly lucid invective about existentialism. Sure, I’ve visited Vox from time to time, but now you’re stuck with me all day and all night. If it helps, Leigh might stop by once in a while to post pictures of puppies (or cats dressed as puppies).

Riding shotgun are my esteemed assistant editors, Ryan Bellmore and John Sapunor. While you probably recognize Ryan, John’s new to the blogging game. I would ask you to be nice to them, but who are we kidding? You’re all animals.

Anytime you’ve got a tip, question, complaint, or screed against the Occupy D.C. protesters or the neighbors, let us know in the comments. If you’re looking for something less public, I’m here, and here too. (But don’t forget about Vox‘s Twitter and e-mail accounts either.)

Enough of the small talk. Let’s get started.

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  2. Welcome, Jackson! I’m happy to see that Vox is in good hands, and I’m looking forward to a semester of thoughtful and ALL GLORY TO UNDERGOD

  3. You’re just an upstart punk, UnderGod. Leave the trolling to the professionals.

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  5. I want to give a hearty congratulations to my good friend Jackson Perry on his new position as Blog Leader of Men. Jackson and I first met on the Dark Horse Tour when he was a roadie for Breaking Benjamin and I was the lead singer of an internationally-loved band with a strong following from middle-age high school PE teachers. It was a beautiful friendship full of pancakes covered in Canadian love juice (aka maple syrup). We were inseparable, composing stirring ballads and writing A+ reviews for my latest albums. Alas, the world needs Chad Kroeger too much to limit myself to Jackson, so I had to say goodbye and from time to time look at that photograph to stir those old feelings of camaraderie. I needed to bring myself to the world, to inspire Asian people to hold hands and sing platitudes about garbage and people not caring (to understand up-to-the-date Nickelback references, please view this stunning work of art: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lj4NVYtzlQA). Good luck to you Jackson, this blog needs a hero to save it, and I know you won’t stand there and wait. Meanwhile, I will continue to save this world through my poetry. See you in Detroit!


    PS Nickelback’s latest album, Here and Now, is here and now. Go get it! Now! Nickelback Monday!

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