Public Safety Alert: Heroic bystander thwarts robbery on P Street

At approximately 8:25 p.m., a Georgetown University student was robbed on the 3500 block of P Street NW. As three suspects passed the victim of the robbery, one grabbed her purse and the three fled the scene. According to a public safety alert, another student who was in the area chased down the suspects and was able to reclaim the stolen property. The heroic student was treated at the scene for minor injuries sustained during the incident.

One of the three suspects is described in the Department of Public Safety alert as a 5’10” black male with dreadlocks, wearing a dark jacket and a black hooded sweatshirt. There is no description of the other two suspects available.

DPS and MPD responded to the scene, but did not locate the suspects. DPS has requested that anyone who has information regarding this to contact them at (202) 687-4343.

8 Comments on “Public Safety Alert: Heroic bystander thwarts robbery on P Street

  1. Vox!! Find this guy and give him a goddamn Sully Sullenberger hero of the year award. Or at least front row tix to the Hoyas this season.

  2. I’d be more than satisfied with Saferides’ departure if we can continue to rely on Batman’s defense.

  3. They should the hero to release their name. Congratulations are necessary

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  5. Thank Undergod this “heroic bystander” wasn’t severely injured

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