New Niketown store may come to M Street, replacing Barnes & Noble

Lovers of athletic sneakers and swoosh-stamped T-shirts, rejoice! a Nike retail store may be coming to a shopping district near you!

In August, Georgetown Metropolitan reported that Barnes & Noble’s lease on its three-story M Street book store would not be renewed after this year. At the time, there was no information about the identity of the new tenant. On October 7 however, Washington Post business reporter Jonathan O’Connell tweeted, “Two folks in the know tell me a new Nike store will replace Barnes & Noble in Georgetown.”

On Friday, GM reported “on good authority” that Nike will indeed be the new tenant at 3040 M Street. With the M Street Athleta store that opened earlier this month and the relatively new City Sports at the west end of the street, Georgetown is quickly become a paradise for the treadmill diehards and sweatpants-wearers among us. If a Niketown does in fact come to Georgetown next year, Vox is excited to see whether it will look anything like the Manhattan Niketown (pictured above). Even though their kicks may be overpriced, at least the new store could encourage other M Street shops to take their ceiling ornamentation in a more creative direction (We’re looking at you, H&M).

Nike did not respond to a request for comment on the Post and GM reports.

Photo: HighSnobiety

6 Comments on “New Niketown store may come to M Street, replacing Barnes & Noble

  1. This is great! I was just saying to myself the other day, “We need less bookstores, and more designer shoes.”

    Of course, as someone who buys his textbooks from Amazon, I probably don’t have much right to complain.

  2. Wow. i Love Sneaker and I like Books but damn… Could Nike build a store some where else. But i aint losing sleep over it lol. Wish they can been a Nike-town where I Live

  3. Sniff, sadness. Bookstores closing make me sad.

    But, yes, I buy all my textbooks used from Amazon or other students, and rarely have time to read much for fun.

  4. How terrible. But it reflects the trend we see all around these days, less attention to the brain and more attention to pretty things, in this case runnng shoes. Considering that i visited B&N once a week, but woukd expec to vist Nike once a year, my prediction is that Nike will be gone in four years.

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