This week in the Voice: 2011’s top ten in film and music

In this week’s featureVoice staffers pick the top ten movies and albums of 2011. Leigh Finnegan explains why Drive was the best film of the year (and it’s not just because of Ryan Gosling), while Kirill Makarenko celebrates the “the growing instrumental virtuosity of Fleet Foxes” that made Helplessness Blues this year’s best album.

In Editorials, the Ed Board says the arrest of Derrik Sweeney shouldn’t deter Hoyas from making their study abroad experiences more meaningful by participating in legitimate political protests overseas.

In News, Patricia Cipollitti discusses two Occupy D.C. panels that took place at Georgetown on the same night.

Abby Sherburne details in Sports how the women’s basketball team has started firing on all cylinders, beating UNLV and the tenth-ranked Georgia Bulldogs in Las Vegas last week.

In the Leisure section, Jake Schindler judges the film adaptation of British novelist and retired spy John le Carré’s Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, and does not find it wanting.

On Page 13, Oh no! The neighbors have stolen something precious from Hoya-ville! “But as they kept listening something magical occurred, their cold hearts turned warm as the Hoya voices were heard!”

And in VoicesHolly Tao calls for Hoyas to take their discussions of diversity and race beyond mere political correctness.

2 Comments on “This week in the Voice: 2011’s top ten in film and music

  1. Perhaps what should deter students are conditions of participation they agreed to before studying abroad that clearly state that engaging in political activity while abroad is conduct that Georgetown finds unacceptable and is a basis for removal from their program.

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