GUSA Senator “DJ LaMagnz” keepin’ Facilities honest in Youtube videos

DJ Vox is in the building, here to announce that Daniel LaMagna is in the building! Part-time GUSA senator representing some of the chill inhabitants of Henle Village, and full-time worshipper at the altars of the rap gods, this sophomore junior and rising star on the Georgetown University Student Life Committee has been making sure that his constituents know what he and the rest of the crazy cats in GUSA are up to.

In two Youtube videos (also embedded below), one posted Saturday and the other in October, LaMagna’s topic of choice is “Facilities…and why they suck.” In his October video, he reminds his audience that he feels their pain too: “I know my shower hasn’t been fixed for about two months.” He dedicates himself to getting some answers.

The song that plays over the introduction and credits of his first video, which has been viewed over 500 times, is none other than J Cole’s “Who Dat”, in which the rapper frequently uses a word that former Republican presidential candidate and pizza magnate Herman Cain has no problem saying.

In his second video, LaMagna happily reports that Facilities is a priority for the administration, and a major overhaul is planned for next summer. Until then, students can personally contact the Director of Facilities Richard Payant ( whenever their work orders aren’t filled. Accompanying this video is Jay-Z’s “Politics as Usual” from what LaMagna calls the artist’s best album, Reasonable Doubt (1996).

“I’m doing video updates because people need to know what GUSA’s up to if we claim to represent students,” LaMagna wrote to Vox in an e-mail. “These videos in particular are to tell people what the University is doing to improve Facilities.”

LaMagna’s biography on GUSA’s official website says in part, “He also thinks you should do yourself a favor and listen to Kanye West’s latest solo album if you have not done so already.” Vox can confirm LaMagna’s appreciation for Kanye West—he introduced a discussion about human rights in China in November with a quote from one of West’s songs.

Asked about his affinity for rap, LaMagna wrote to Vox:

Rap music sounds good. It is also one of the most innovative American art forms to emerge in the past 30 years. And while I don’t agree with a lot of its political and social views, I do like its spirit of identifying with the underdog. It think that’s why it resonates with a lot of people, even skinny Italian-Korean kids from the suburbs.

10 Comments on “GUSA Senator “DJ LaMagnz” keepin’ Facilities honest in Youtube videos

  1. Thanks Vox! Students can email me at if they ever have any question or need help. Also, two things to correct: First, I’m a Junior. Second, while I do like cigars, I’m afraid that cigars don’t like me. I found that out the hard way in Cancun this past Thanksgiving break. True story.


  3. Keep it up, Daniel! I’m not one of your constituents, but I know we’d all appreciate more senators making similar efforts to keep their constituents informed on the issues that affect them everyday. And nice tunes, too!

  4. Thanks Kanye……..PS for those interested Senator Jawadi (me) has a Facebook note with each and every Senate vote I have made. Y’all should check it out.

  5. Vox never posts the singspiels Senator Kresse and I write about the student code of conduct.

  6. Great job Daniel! This is an incredible amount of effort to keep constituents in the know! I’d love to see you president of GUSA and bring this transparent approach to the highest levels.

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